Loadout First Look

Loadout is a new third person shooter published by Edge of Reality. In Loadout players have the ability to completely customize their weapons for unique and often crazy results. Players will have the option of creating unique weapons such as multi-rocket launchers which fire up to 6 rockets that then explode into a smaller cluster of bouncing rockets or even a Tesla powered beam rifle capable of electrocuting groups of foes for sizzling results.

To find more about Loadout check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (12)

Rabbit11 11 years ago
No keys left please give me a key please i wish this game please
Email :mansuricosmin@yahoo.ro

Kocain 11 years ago
nice man this is my type of game

Rufinus 11 years ago
nice il try this game for sure

DC 11 years ago
Shooters bores me. i won't try it.

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[Deus-X-] THOR³ 11 years ago
Hey Spunkt just wanted to aks ya for your STEAM name (to add in List for Leadout) IF you read this :D

sethsamson 11 years ago
THE GAME IS AWESOME ... FUN AND hilarious TF2 is history

BanHammer 11 years ago
Sounds like the guy is drooling when he talks. So annoying.

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tommytigerz 11 years ago
amazing i want a beta key
when you guys get it it is awsome

Crow190 11 years ago
Looking like a cool game, will give it a go :)

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