Master X Master (MXM) - Gameplay First Look

Time to check out the Alpha test of NCSoft's upcoming free-to-play Master X Master or MXM. With Co-op PvE, solo PvE, deathmatch PvP, and even a MOBA-esque PvP mode, this game offers quite a bit to capture as many players as possible. Will it's multiple IPs inspired cast of characters (Masters) catch your attention?

In the interest of time, a MOBA match is not included in the First Look video. If you'd like to check out that match format, check out the official NCSoft Stream video here.

To find out more about Master X Master (MXM), check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (14)

Aurelio Seymore 7 years ago
As someone who often finds that the characters and plot in other MOBA titles are overlooked in favor of the multiplayer experience, this mode feels incredibly refreshing to take part in. It actually makes you wonder why other MOBA titles don't try their hand at crafting a PVE type experience.

IDGAF 7 years ago
Game is shit gonna die in 6 Months.

Meh 7 years ago
I was waiting to try this this game since 'Steparu' videos.
What a disappointment...

The pve thing;
Be able to change between 2 heroes;

VIP system on Moba game(Really?) ;
There are exclusive heroes for people that "subscribe";
Limit for dungeons, you can unlock paying(Cash) or enjoy random maps;
Anti-hack crap(Same as Blade & soul);

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eatAdyck 7 years ago
Magicman looks like hes wiping sperm into his hair

eatAdyck 7 years ago
Am I back in time... is this an atari game? Terrible

Warning Player 7 years ago
These people are getting real deep on MMO Bomb website plus Just they put more Negative Comment then ever before on there website bringing down the business.
(I Don't highly Recommended to Make any Comment on New games and Old Games on the list. They becoming a Monster.)

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HyeVltg3 7 years ago
Actually looks pretty fun, if it allows drop in drop out! hate being locked into an obligation like a 20min MOBA match.

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Where you is 7 years ago
Wheres the "crappy copy paste moba" guy?

MykalQuinn 7 years ago
Was expecting a terrible game laden with pay2win elements, but this looks pretty cool.

Risea 7 years ago
ignoring the problems in the server, is an alpha test after all, the game is incredibly fun, the characters are very well made, the pvp and pve are really cool, very creative stages, has everything to be a successful game, I I recommend to a friend

Jafarson 7 years ago
shitty game with shitty name from shitty company

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