MMO Thoughts - What Is Warframe's Appeal? (2020)

What is Warframe's appeal to you? Looking at it from a distance, Warframe does a lot of things we usually don't like in other F2P games...but it just seems to work for the space ninjas, why?

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Discussion (3)

Cloak 3 years ago
Nothing is appealing about this game. Not for me anyways. Cause all this the game consists of is; Shift+Crtl, Space bar, Left Mouse Click spam, repeat. There is no challenge other then beat a dumb boss sponge to death. And there is no fun in that. And anyone who says other wise I almost envy you. But pity you more for you naught know what fun really is.

See this is the problem with ALL MMORPG's of today. No matter if you're in a party or with friends you're still alone. Because no game today emphasis on team work. Lineage 2 (S1-interlude) is the the best example of team work that I know of. When I was playing at the time, which was in 2007 before then. You needed a healer, buffer, tanks, crafters and dps to strive in that world.

Most MMORPG's games of today force you to play single player regardless if you're with other players. There is no game of today which I can think of that requires you to work together. So being in a party or group of any MMORPG today is just to drag them along like a shadow.

As far as the P2W argument goes. It's just asinine. But overall I despise Cash shops regardless. For they are the very reason most MMORPGs are mediocre.

rickshaw 3 years ago
To me warframe is a game of map loads, a base, an alien look and follow that route, all those I have never liked for a mmo and when i played it I really found it all too mundane.

bruhman 3 years ago
Dedicated Devs. Its nice they keep a weekly or bi weekly stream going and not leaving their players in the dark. dungeon fighter online had something going on similar for about 3 months before they gave in and went dark.

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