MOBA Spotlight: Dota 2 New Mode: Diretide (Ep. 4)

In Episode 4 of MOBA Spotlight, Spunkify takes a look at the special Halloween mode added to Dota 2 called Diretide!

MOBA Spotlight is a series where we take a look at a hero/champion from one of the popular free to play MOBA Games. Find out new heroes strengths and weaknesses, potential builds, tips for playing MOBAs and more! MOBA Spotlight will feature content from MOBAs such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth (HoN) SMITE and much more!

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Discussion (11)

mastersmash 11 years ago
The LOL 3v3 map change was much more dramatic than this (rather pointless if you ask me) 5v5 dota2 change. That's all I was sayin.

Try not to go full fanboy rage on me.

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mastersmash 11 years ago
No video on the new league of legends 3v3 map? :/

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Keita 11 years ago
Nice O_o o well lets play

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