Monster Madness Online Alpha First Look Video

Monster Madness Online is a cooperative shooter spanning most available platforms which pits teams of players against an alien invasion with over 70 types of enemies to battle. Currently in Alpha, the shooter features an RPG progression system, with stat points to spend upon leveling up and blueprints to find which players can use to craft new items. Players will eventually be able to build their own custom class by fusing abilities to pieces of equipment, or they can create their own and share them with friends using the game's private server and offline lan support..

To find more about Monster Madness Online check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (12)

GMAlonzo 10 years ago
Game is bad, i tried it. Only one map - no thanks. way too many enemies despite the name = no thanks.

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sethsamson 10 years ago
this game was developed in 2007 .. as RTS Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia
i notice that this starting to be more and more common ... like old music band come back
now old games starting to be F2P ONLINE

Merkadis 10 years ago
Looks like your usual player grinder only this one is likely targeting 15y old kiddies who never care about anything except shooting things and trolling, looks perfect for them if you ask me.

chefmadness 10 years ago
I know you all ready hate me spunk but I have something to say again. Why did you do an alpha video of a game? you have done it many times in the past & never followed up with an open beta or a full release first look for the game. I do not understand why you do such things because when full release comes about for the game you wont do a new first look vid after they changed the whole game around & added all the content & features. It makes no sense to me.

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Ty 10 years ago
Looks dumb.

doubletriple 10 years ago
Yeah, gj Trendy, its not like you have dungeon defenders 2 to make, so you can do a shitty version of dungeon defenders in browser.

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MOUNTED FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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