MU Legend - Gameplay First Look

After years and years of hearing about it, Webzen has finally launched the follow-up to the original MU Online in MU Legend, the free-to-play hack and slash MMORPG. After so much time, does the title holds its own? Take a look at our First Look video and let us know your thoughts!

To find out more about MU Legend, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (3)

Gahen 6 years ago
This game succeeds in being lazy and punishing at the same time, though it can bring some hours of fun.

The leveling is extremely quick, the quests and the mobs give huge loads of XP, but the quests are simple kill count or run and errand types, many of them don't even bother making you submit the result, but gives you the reward as soon as the objective is met. At the moment there are three islands open for the story, the first one is fun to play through, but the second and third becomes extremely boring, even with the quick progression, while the art style of those maps also fall behind the first one.
Actually, there are two levels of a character: the normal character level, which defines basic stats and allows the usage of gears, and soul level, which you can spend on extra stats. You earn soul levels slightly slower than normal levels, but while normal levels cap at 65, soul levels can go at least to 100, I don't know if further levelling is possible, but maybe. If you complete the story quests with the sidequests you get linked to it, you will have a maxed character with about 55 soul level. Collecting or upgrading gear is pointless before reaching top level, since you will quickly change them to the uncommon stuff a random mob just dropped, because that is already 10 levels higher. So leveling is quick but still manage to be boring.
And now we came to the punishing part, endgame content. Part of the endgame content is at the moment some completely unrewarding PvP I totally ignored, for the game is laggy since mid-beta patch and the PvP really offers no significant reward anyway, so I decided not to make myself angry on it.
The PvE part of the endgame content consists of special dungeons. Three of these focuse on getting gold, gems and upgrade materials (huge loads of gear to scrap), they are insanely rewarding, if you need these stuffs (but you don't really, by the way). The ridiculous about them, that they are incredibly easy, and of course the difficulty can be raised, but the rewards don't scale with it (except for the gear drop maybe). All of them can be entered once a day, so it is just a quick run in, run out labour daily.
Then there is a speedrun dungeon you can challenge three times a day. Its difficulty can not be changed and is not adjusted no matter the party size, so full party is recommended. You have 10 minutes to complete the mission and there is reward for every minute you didn't use up. Problem is, you will only get some maybe useful stuff (resource crate) if you do it withing 4 miutes, a speed only few achieve on the toplist (or hackers). The rest of the rewards are a few hundred gems, wich you can get by ten thousands in one of the dungeons mentioned above.
Then there is the Endless Tower, a 100 level challenge to give you wing upgrade materials (you can't get them anywhere else). Every level has a predefined group of enemies, which are the exactly the same in every run. You can challenge the tower 3 times a day, can not select difficulty, but it is adjusted to character level and party size. The objective is to kill every enemy on the floor you are, if you do it quick enough (within a few seconds, good luck...) then you can skip up to 6 floors. The higher you get to more are the rewards (1 reward for every 5 floors height), but climbing higher the enemies also become stronger, bosses appear and they get some modifiers and auras unseen in the story quests (I'll complain about them later). Problem is, that wings give small bonuses, but require insane ammounts of resource to upgrade, so it will be your daily routin for multiple weeks to ride that laggy elevator, and you still will be far from a fully upgraded wing.
There is also a combined version of the tower and the speedrun dungeon, which you can buy entry with special crystal, it is to craft and level endgame special amulets to give some special bonuses and modifiers, it goes even more hardcore on the stuff, especially with the ridiculous modifiers.
And finally there are two endgame überhigh difficulty gear grinder dungeons, one entry a day of course.

Now why is it punishing? Classes in endgame are completely off balance, tanking technically does not exist, since some enemies pack nightmare ammounts of damage, especially ones with special poison attacks. But anyways, meele characters doesn't really have significantly higher HP than ranged ones, while they deal about half as much damage or less. This game is hit and run at high difficulty, but that's not an option for meeles. The enemies can not be passed through, and if they swarm you, you are locked. It's still possible to hit them with everything you have then run as long as your hp is up again, but that already kill speedrun type missions for meeles.
But the worst thing the developers came up are the special modifiers and auras. The auras have two basic types, the ones that affects other enemies, and the ones affecting the players. First, player debuffing auras, like defense and attack lowering (by a lot), or mana drain can completely ruin the option for meele fight (too bad meele characters have about 2-3 ranged skill on the whole palette), since the aura effects are not only incredibly strong, but also stack. Second, the enemies run together when engaging them in meele combat, let me tell you, there is also invicibility aura, where except the aura bearer, no unit in the circle can be damaged, now imagine two units with this aura standing next to each other, try dragging them apart, while there are also 20 other units trying to kill you standing in their auras (happened to me, I know it is working). But you don't have to go for invicibility, there are defense boos, attack boost or healer auras too.
But not just about the disadvantage of meele characters, there are modifiers, which troll with everyone: skin, this is a modifier for a single unit bearing it, now imagine a common zombie, now he has a secondary healt bar with a miniboss ammount of hp, and you can not damage it, just after you depleted that, also this healt bar is invisible. Or the special reactive modifiers: unit is slowed? then healed to full, got elemental damage? healed to full, also damage boost, there is a type for every effect or damage type, then you get 8 enemies, all bearing a different one, which skill should you use then? Better just kill yourself.
The endgame, the one thing that is supposed to be keeping the players in the game is nothing more than an irritating and annoying trollfest. And I didn't really complain about the lag, partly induced by the badly implemented Gameguard.

Half through the game I had my hopes incredibly high up, but after reaching here I just couldn't recommend to people who want to play it without any intent of going mad hardcore on it. I think I'll give up on it soon.

Edgar 6 years ago
Kill spiders for money and jeans :D

:D 6 years ago
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