Renaissance Heroes First look

Renaissance Heroes is a free to play 3D first-person shooter powered by the Unreal Engine 3 set in a re-imagined 16th century Renaissance Europe. Renaissance Heroes offers fast-paced combat, classic FPS gameplay experience and fan favorite multiplayer modes.

To find more about Renaissance Heroes check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (17)

ugurano 10 years ago
1 more ´shit game

youyo12 11 years ago
is anyone else getting this message when they start up the game?
Connecting to server has been failed. please check your network. try it again?
but clearly my internet is working? what i do to start the game i need help pls

Gabs 11 years ago
well this graphics seetings are so poor and window mode fail
slow to change weapons
this fps will shut downs before OB

Jonathan 11 years ago
It's kinda unplayable in Europe You can't use your crossbow decent because of the lag. The crossbow shoots 1 sec after i click.

donnnyy LIKE SHOOTERS 11 years ago
what does blr even mean>?

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Dantiko 11 years ago
fail, maybe it would be a innovating game, a century ago, cuz come on, Quake is better than this

Taianto 11 years ago
Yea, a pretty stupid game, you cant even hear the enemy's foot steps..And it get boring after 5 min of gameplay. I'mma just play Ghost Recon Online.

WARgasmo 11 years ago
i played like for 2 mins lol than i uninstalled.

WARgasmo 11 years ago
THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who agreeds?

Name (Required) 11 years ago
Um can u play it when ur in Europe??

Echoman 11 years ago
Nice video. Gona give it a shot but don't think it being better than BLR.

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Demirian 11 years ago
Really disappointed , why :

1) Really slow game , i thought it would be like a Unreal but no .
2) For what need weapons like "Guns" when you have Bow (crossbow) ( i know this CBT so let's wait)
3) I really do not understand for what need Choose character ? )
4) This game have too many 1 shot kills and sometime its annoying , why ? , coz damnt this not strategy game . Yeah you can collect HP and Armor but still .
5) To many "powers upgrade" .. This FPS not RPG .

But game in CBT so let;s wait )))

And please understand this only my opinnion )) .

Dunno , for me better play BLR or HG . ))

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