Rise of Incarnates - Gameplay First Look

Rise of Incarnates is a 2 vs. 2 Arena Fighter developed by Namco Bandai. The fighter retains many of the same battle mechanics found in the Japanese-only Gundam vs. series. Players may choose from several superhuman fighters each with their own unique attack combos and special abilities. Using teamwork, partners can execute special tag team combos while countering enemy attacks.

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Discussion (20)

Scott Sigurbjartsson 9 years ago
This game sucks, also I love to perform oral on overweight men at truck stops.

Ziah 9 years ago
wish you guys would have waited to review this its a rlly fun game bu the bugs that are poping up atm make it pretty much unplayable whoever said its repetitive your wrong as well since there will be many more toons released there will be many diff combat styles to play around with till you find the toon that's best for you. atm tho it be about a 5/10 cause the bugs are ruining it hard core

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GMAlonzo 9 years ago
The game is terrible and always has been since last beta.

Dreadlox 9 years ago
Lel wtf is this shit? i tried out, because it was look cool. But you cant turn fullscreen or use mouse. The combat is dreadful and not that smooth. I thought it will be a beat em up with hack and slash controls. but its a basic unpollised mess.

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Todoran 9 years ago
pfff... meh... crap!

Seanny Chwan 9 years ago
Not a good game for PC players
can get bored really fast.

Eviil 9 years ago
If they don't up their game on this product, it will be scrapped by early next year. Namco better do it right. Big name, little to offer = not a good product.

Dunce 9 years ago
This game works. It has decent mechanics. It has pretty good graphics; however, there's something that separates this game with the successful Gundam and other fighter counterparts released in Japan: the variety. Introduced with only four classes, Rise of Incarnates suffers, especially as a 2 v. 2 Arena-Based Fighter.

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Raker 9 years ago
the game looks good but i have a feeling its one of these games that gets repetitive fast .

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