Today on Bomblive, Magicman revisits NeverWinter. With multiple modules added and a ton of changes made to the game, we'll see if he even knows what buttons do what! Let's roll up a new character and take it for a spin.

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Discussion (6)

Jellopy 9 years ago
They are people who played the beta and just after launch,pwe ruined it for ages,they are trying to fix it now but too little too late imo. They turn every game they buy into pay to win or pay to enjoy on day one so they have a horrible reputation which is well deserved. This one was a shame since it had huge potential.

Miki 9 years ago
Huh what are you guys talking about? after you hit lvl 60 you can get alot of Astral Diamonds and with that you can buy zen and gear from other players , i really dont see anything p2w in this game?
There is noting in cash shop that can make you stronger then other player

Fornicaras 9 years ago
Im a huge fan of Neverwinter nights series,when i heard that onlline version is in development i was so hyped about it,but then PWE took it,it was a terrible nightmare coming true.I did try the game,played it for few days..gameplay and graphics are amazing,there is no doubt about it.This could have been a great game,an epic MMORPG.Too bad its in the wrong hands,so hopefully it will die soon,because i don't want to torture myself looking at gameplay videos and imagine how cool would it be if it was an actuall game,not some pay to win abomination of a game.All worst to PWE,rot in hell for what you did to F2P gaming industry,together with Aeria games,Webzen and alike!!!!

NobleNerd 9 years ago
Not a big fan of PWE games, but you make watching the video fun... love the comments!

Merkadis 9 years ago
"ROLL A P2W" *cough* *cough*

Stiles 9 years ago

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