Shroud of the Avatar - Gameplay First Look

Time to hop in and see if Ultima's spiritual successor is any good now that it has made the jump to free-to-play (with some restrictions). Can old school classless gameplay compete in today's MMORPG market? Find out in our First Look!

To find out more about Shroud of the Avatar, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (4)

RedThunder 5 years ago
Played the game for a few hours now and i really like it so far. Sure it has some minor issues i've encountered like the world map not showing up though this happened yesterday only and also some connectivity issues which also happened yesterday only so maybe it was a one time thing but other than that it's really fun and especially for someone like me who likes to collect each and every item you can interact with it's really nice to have so much stuff you can collect, break, loot, etc. and there's so much story while doing quests and talking to each and every NPC that i've barely managed to finish a few quests at the first area, which is a Monastery high in the mountains. Also as a big Heroes of Might and Magic fan i love the world map which you use to travel to other areas because it reminds me so much of it with the way it looks and the encounters like bandits and sieges :) Also the graphics ain't so bad because there are still games running in 2018 or even released in 2018 as "early access" which promise so much, even good graphics yet fail to deliver anything.

Zariarn 5 years ago
The game has a great old school feel to it. It doesn't hold your hand. The only negative I have for the game is the loading screen.

RedThunder 5 years ago
Honestly, this game looks pretty decent. Graphic wise it's not comparable to some games which are released this year but it doesn't look bad at all and game mechanics, etc. look really nice. Those fire swords of yours actually got some old memories back.. It looks like you're actually gonna do much more in this game than simply skip all the dialogue and finish quests like in pretty much every other MMORPG since they're basically always the same anyway. I personally am definitelly gonna give it a proper try.

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