Tearing up Tera! (BombLive Ep. 19)

On the verge of the F2P conversion, Magicman jumps into Tera to show you some of the ins and outs to get you pumped for what is a very anticipated F2P conversion! Stay tuned for the official "First Look" where we compare the Tera players' status levels on MMOBomb.com!

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Discussion (29)

Tess 10 years ago
So are those 35GB download worth uninstalling Aion from my computer for this game?

Raiveris 10 years ago
Hey , does somebody play on EU already, if so, how i should lunch it? I have registered, updated adn then it shows me to purschase Tera or redeem a code. Any ideas what is it?

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Cacalips 10 years ago
WTF?? I decided to plunge in after some youtube commentarys. To really get a feel...WOAH! WTF? IT runs middle graphic settings with far distance, no lag, super smooth and great combat all on my wiifii HD500 mobility card...and servers are packed! The install was half a day, but the game is stable as fewk!
No server crash despite the F2P launch inrush. No crash if I alt tab (like most games) - Looks like AION but runs like a dream! I do not understand, it is the same engine as AION, PFFTT wow, I had no idea I can run this engine on my pc. This is great! The game itself is super! AION like character creation. OPen class and race and sex selection! I created an awesome little ferret like guy.
So far the game is a blast! Almost level 10. Ill cry later if this grind kicks in, but if it stays interesting, direct, and engaging, it is awesome.
YOu start a tutitorial as a level 20 character if you WANT, not forced, and it teaches you basics with locked skill bar and set of lvl 20 skills. DONT get discouraged if you think the level 1 - 20 experience, it is just a small tutorial zone, after it is over, you port to the noob area and at level 1, skill bar unlocked, and just a handful of level 1 skills.
Combat is good, like vindictus, but implemented in open world, WAY better than RaiderZ. RaiderZ is actually target based as you can "LOCK" on your target. RaiderZ also feels clunky and enemy attacks are super questionable. Tera has it down.
These "first look" videos did not do it justice. I actually logged in to troll it...but I am impressed by the imerssion, social aspect, and gameplay. I have not gone to nitty gritty details, but every interface I open does not really seem that deep. It is JUST deep enough. If you are looking for maze like skill trees, tons of LoTRO like menus to put little points here and there on a char...this is not it.
This game is chreate the eye candy, play in the eye candy, heres the quests go for it! The story is solid enough to enjoy it, and no deep lore that requires 5 books to read to understand. I was afraid this would be a mob grind fest, but they are placed really well out, and player scale model vs world, is perfectly balanced to feel special in it. AION kind of had this same feel, but the gimpy ass flying, and stupid stand and spam skills took edge of allot of it. This world feels FLUID, a little alive as players run around and story pushes on, but well put together;
RaiderZ is a bad example of a similiar game. RaiderZ is a game with eye candy, and open combat, but just stupid and close mob placement and the engineering of it felt very mchanical, and not fluid or challenging. Just "this is point A - must farm to point B". TERA could turn into that soon, but so far if it does, the fluidity of combat, especially for me a priest, is superb!
Ok...enough ass kissing on this game. Now...I will be back if and when I get screwed by the bad...please no. I already uninstalled Secret World for this, as Secret dissapointed me on every level.

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Arnis 10 years ago
Cant connect in to server... Only in server where very
not much players..

Eon 10 years ago
Thanks Magicman for the info.
Running on the Euro servers now. Apparently En Masse only allows IP froms the 4 regions, where the one on gameforge only blocks the mentioned countries. So any countries not mentioned are able to play on the gameforge Euro servers.

SiiKGaming 10 years ago
Hey Magic, do you think it would be possible if I can ever play with ya later on? I'm starting and I know nobody. :/

EdmondDantes 10 years ago
Anibody ho can tell me when Tera will start on Steam?

RecateReel 10 years ago
I kinda prefer mob grinds then quest grinds but i don't hate quest grinds though, it just restricts who you can play with very greatly when mob grinds mmo tends to give you a lot of freedom and if have bonus grand exp for party grinding with you. With the streams of quest grind mmos coming in, I'm seriously gonna miss mob grind mmos :( , grindings normal for me.
Mob grinds = Freedom to make your own goals,
Quest grinds = You are busy ALL the time!
but whichever works your boat, I'll still give this game a shot anyway.

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Eon 10 years ago
Hi anybody knows is enmasse Tera still IP blocked? Hopefully no IP block in Gameforge. I`m from asia.

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IraaFW 10 years ago
Now what magicman didnt show was Mount Tyrannus which is PvP server, I got pked so many times trying to do them Kumas Quests on my Baraka. Also Quick note that Some of the Classes have some and i specify some differences in skill dmg on players Depending on level and gear. For those wanting to try out the Open world PvP in Tera i suggest you keep clear of lvl 60s getting bored and just literally killing you over and over, usually they wont follow you to another channel, so thats a good way to get rid of that trouble. As far as the game being compared to RaiderZ i suggest Tera over RaiderZ, Tera is not a Pay to Win game like RaiderZ. If anyone wants to level you can message me on Garus.Nightswift or Mr.Torgue

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mabok 10 years ago
nooooo!!! ip block!!!
sad to say been waiting for it, but... but.. but...

ThunderGrave 10 years ago
Great show... and I've created an Elin yesterday, so... make of that what you will. I made the character mostly 'cause my PC is meeting just above the minimum requirements to play it the game, but on the lowest of lowest settings, it plays pretty freaking smooth. There's the occasional lag spike when looking into the distance, but that's just about it. All in all, the game's a lot of fun and I would enjoy playing with you or any of the mmobomb cast on a game (Not this one), such as S4League, Cabal Online, etc etc etc. The list goes on...(20+ games) SO! Have a nice day and if ya see this comment and reply to it, then thank ya very much!

PS: I'm a dude, not a pervert... Like there's a difference nowadays.

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ZhaoYun 10 years ago
dam i missed this hopefully i wont miss anymore of these streams :D

Rockmeo 10 years ago
Macgickman i love tera , and you always makme laugh and makme feel intersted on the games you recomed , but stop it 3 weeks for tera xD

Sebastianated 10 years ago
Darn these look so fun to watch live but, i'm never home on time D:. Don't get out of school until 2:30 PM then not at home 'till 3 PM lol. Wish I could be at one of these. Maybe one day. Great live stream magicman, keep 'em going.

Andrew Host 10 years ago
Hey magik, love the show!!!! Just wondering what server will you be playing on starting 2-5-13?!?!?!

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1ManWolfPack 10 years ago


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