Tiny Mighty - First Look Gameplay

Tiny Mighty is exactly what you probably think it is. A browser game that attempts to nickel and dime you to death in every way possible using a generic super hero format and "strategy" vibe. I honestly cannot recommend this game to anyone.

To find out more about Tiny Mighty, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (12)

PrinceMark 8 years ago
@Magicman I have no idea why did you even bother to waste your time or even post your video about this game. I have also no idea what MMOBOMB requires for its testers to have before they even make such video. Even from the beginning you are already expecting that this game is a crap, obviously (01:08, . However, the next time you do and post such video, please have a open minded neutral state of perspective of whats to come.

@5:20 "there was no strategy involved there at all, absolutely none" - see that yellow bar under the green bar? You may click on the hero with a full yellow bar (energy) and the hero will cast a skill. Which is a game changing aspect between winning and losing as each hero have different sets of skills. Some skills are offensive, some are CC and some are Healing skills. I bet you haven't realize that aspect

@05:54 "i cant click on anything" because you are obviously doing a tutorial quest. Pay attention first so that you will learn basic information and gameplay.

@06:07 "084" in most games, there are things that doesnt make sense at first. Even movies, novels etc have this bits of information that doesnt make sense. But when the mystery is revealed, you will know the reason why its like that. I also have no idea why its called "084", however, in MARVEL Agents of Shield, 0-8-4 is a codename for objects of unknown origin like the obelisk, thor's hammer and other weapons and objects of unearthly origin. well probably thats the case but who knows. Btw a simple google search does the trick.

@06:28-06:40 "how am i..." dude again you are doing a tutorial quest. The game is literally spoon feeding you and you dont even know how to open your mouth. *facepalm*

@08:38 "The only reason i did this..." yep coz you expect that this game is bad and you wanna prove it by playing stupid or ignoring the tutorial or doing a sarcastic laugh or all of the above and more...

@09:00 "Milatory" *followed by your genuine sarcastic stupid laugh* you dont know what a milatory means? i bet you dont! guess even a raccoon have a better brain mass... btw try watching Guardians of the Galaxy movie and pay close attention to rocket raccoon and his sarcastic intelligent lines. Hope you become a better at doing this after learning from a raccoon.

@10:20+ finally! -_-" took you that long to notice it...

@10:55 please dont complain...you seriously dont get how the stuff work the first time. just thank the game for having patience and pay close attention to the tutorials.

well since its already past 10min, i will try the game now... lets see if its really as bad as you think it is...

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majorrr 8 years ago
I cant stand this kind of games. I also saw many games from Germany being very greedy, tho they have much better and polish games but still!

Bic Boi 8 years ago
Worst thing is for 'games' like these, any publicity is good publicity. Best not to give them attention.

Rockmeo 8 years ago
Milotory!! , THAT LAUGH!!! hahahahahaha xD dude , i feel you you had nothing to do .

Nizz0r 8 years ago
You should ban these games from mmobomb .
its not a free to play game if its trying to "Milk you from all angles''.
and more games try and do it and use the same formula for each game over and over
a true free to play game = Cosmetics

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desertfox 8 years ago
There are literally HUNDREDS of these games in China.
My question to you is why are you even playing it for more than 10 minutes?
are you that bored?

JapansFreak 8 years ago
This is the shittyest game i seen on mmobomb

Bone 8 years ago
I believe the militory is a higher grade of the military Only raccoon's called Rabid "Racoon" and wearing orange jumpsuits are allowed to join.

Spammie 8 years ago

PS: If you got money and got nothing to do with them go and play this game, I recomend you to try it lol.

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