Transformers Universe is a PvP focused MOTA or “Multiplayer Online Tactical Action” Game developed by Jagex. As the name suggests, players will command a variety of Autobots or Decepticons into battle, each possessing multiple weapons, special abilities and unique traits. In TU, players will work as a team to battle for control over Earth through the game’s faction-based PvP arenas, all while unlocking new upgrades and transformers along the way.

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  1. just no,for a browser game it has good graphics but you will spend half of your time in the loading screens.
    Now there is no battle system whatsoever.There is no aiming you just hold right mouse button,you dont really feel the difference between guns and you dont actullly notice that you are dealing or taking dmg,just a bunch of numbers poping.Next the movement system CAN NOT be more simple,you can use WASD and transform,with the jump button you cant do anything since the map design is pure bullshit,you cant climb anywhere or like do anything “tactical”
    And than there is the level up system…you just put points in your stats -_- nothing simpler than that
    So after all you dont need any actual skill here except a working mouse and the ability to hold right mouse button.I hope they shut down this game since its not worthy of a transformers game.

    • Can always not hold RMB, if you wanna be a true badass I guess. Problem with movement really has nothing to do with movement itself and just has to do with overall map designed and how limiting it is. As far as points when you level…. really? you wanna knit pick on that?

  2. Tried it, looks OK for a browser game. However couldn’t get a feel for the controls and the fact that it’s a Jagex game kinda kills it all.


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