Vanguard: Saga of Heroes First Look

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is a recently F2P MMORPG published by Sony Online Entertainment. In Vanguard players can enjoy the classic Dungeons and Dragon influenced races and classes. Players can also participate in the completely open world environment within Vanguard; there are no loading screens and no instances even for dungeons and the majority of the raid content.

To find more about Vanguard check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Kevin 9 years ago
they really gotta make a more unique mmorpg. this looks like any other one out there...

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Infinitewave 9 years ago
This game actually has a LOT of depth. It's the f2p model that is fairly seriously lacking. I find the graphics rather beautiful. The soundtrack is excellent. The diplomacy feature is a completely unique game element. The crafting is nearly superior to any crafting I've yet encountered, in that you don't simply wait and watch a progress bar fill up but must actively participate in the outcome of your product, and have many options that will determine it's quality.

The non-instanced world, including dungeons, non-instanced player housing, an active fishing element, and ability to craft and sail ships around the world, also in a non instanced way that does not change your view to an above down setting (ala Uncharted Waters, etc.), but keeps you completely in the world---you literally climb aboard your ship and set sail, offer an experience not available in most, if any, other mmorpg all together. The death knell is really it's f2p model, in that f2pers can not access the housing, and are unable to wear top tier gear without purchasing unlockers. Another fairly serious snag at the moment is the frequent crashing.

They have lifted the chat restrictions so f2pers are able to freely chat in world/region chat, and I hear they have allowed fishing now, too. You are able to send mail and use the brokerage, but pay a higher fee than subbers. While their model is certainly sub par to the best (Aion-NA, LoL, DDO, and Lotro), it is a significant step up from SOE's similar title, eq2. If it wasn't for the fact that I'll likely essentially disappear from the face of the earth for a good 3 months after the 25th of this month ... GW2!!!!! ... I'd very possibly be playing this game instead. It offers more in the way of creativity and uniqueness than a good deal of other currently available options.

Jethrayne 9 years ago
Too many restrictions for a failing game. SoE needs to take a lesson from DDO and LotRO or even Aion ,as was mentioned. When your game is old and dying, you cannot afford to be too greedy.

KalameesJr 9 years ago
Took me 2 minutes to get stuck between some logs and a cliff with no way of getting out. Uninstalled, not worth the time.

Echoman 9 years ago
Sony = crap

Dragoninja 9 years ago
Sorry, game doesn't look to be my fancy.
So many amazing games coming out.
Why get so tied up in an older game?

chefmadness 9 years ago
Hey spunk, nice vid & graphics are not all ways the most important aspect of a game. Just wondering if maybe you could talk about chat & social panel restrictions in your first look vids? Maybe try to party up with a player or post on the social panel for a party. I have been to many mmorpg gaming sites & have seen a lot of first look vids, none of them ever talk about chat & social panel. There are many & I do mean many games That have chat restrictions & the social panel really sucks. DDO has the best chat & social panel in any game I ever played. That's the whole point of playing an online mmorpg is to party up with people from around the world & have fun. DDO makes it so friendly & easy to party up. You should just check it out & you will see what I mean. DDO is just an OK game but chat & social panel are BRILLIANT! I wish more games made it this easy. You have 15-20 minutes to make a vid, you have plenty of time to add more content. It would be way more in depth about the game & maybe the narrator won't have to babble so much. XD. If I wanted to play a game alone I would buy a gaming console. I asked Magicman to talk about chat & social panel in his vids & he said he would try to do so I hope you will do the same. PC gaming rules & I will never go back to a console!

Hope you read this

Anyone feel free to leave an opinion on this thread I would really like some feed back.

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xoextreme 9 years ago
looks like it would be fun if it didnt have so many limitations free to play):

Daniel 9 years ago

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