WarThunder Dual Commentary w/ Jason - Gameplay Action

In this gameplay action, Spunkify recruits his F2P Podcast co-host Jason to take to the skies in Warthunder. Watch as the two wingman spruce up on their ace piloting skills with various fighter planes from both the USSR and Japan. Dogfighting, close calls with mountains, and Star Wars references abound in this excitingly hilarious commentary!

To find more about Warthunder check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

In our Gameplay Action video series we revisit our favorite free to play MMORPG and MMO games checking out new updates, events, or just having fun! Count also with exclusive interviews, walktroughs, guides and much more.

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Discussion (11)

Exia7Swords 10 years ago
if anyone starts playing add me on War Thunder/WoT/WoWP my ingame name is KaptnKrunch on those games.

Exia7Swords 10 years ago
i sure wish i had others to play with in War Thunder

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Cacalips 10 years ago
Boring title. played the hell out of CB and OB. Instant action sees more action than real mode. Kind of sad, wish they just stuck to one mode as it leaves lots of unused space. Any ways. Instant action = start of, go make a sandwhich as you close distance and sit there 5 min doing nothing...then close distance, realise no ones got your back (because you cant group in instant action, why it should stick to realism and create organized groups). Then you realize higher rank and cash shop items = 1 hit shot, and the rest is just by chance. So you get this sort of pay off when you do wierd things taht don't feel rewarding. Like one time I just landed and pointed my guns up and shot down 2 fighters...kinda stupid since the actions supposed to be in the air but meh... uninstalled. Don't miss it. Lot's of better box titles including the old Falcon 3.0 ^^

DougJunior 10 years ago
when you use flaps you have better change to turn, next the crew is not only a lite support, its real need for tier 2 and higher rank

Desert Fox 10 years ago
Hey Spunkify, are there going to be more than just aerial combat in WT? I heard some rumors regarding ground/water based combat too.

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