Wizardry Online First Look

Wizardry Online is a new 3D Free-to-Play action MMORPG that follows a more traditional Dungeons and Dragon ruleset. Find out about its open PK system, perma death, multi-class and more!

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Discussion (38)

ugurano 10 years ago
its a trash game

Ronni 10 years ago
I would really love to give this game a chance, it looks like it has potential, But the astronomical amounts of bloom in this game just, gives me the worst of head-aches, Bloom is the worst thing in graphics and gaming in my opinion anyways.

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Dyoh 10 years ago
Fact is, in my opinion, it should be like that (and in this type of games there are always places where u can safely afk)... BUT ! There is a but...a game with permadeath should not be so farming intensive as a Korean game or a standard mmorpg. In a permadeath game levelling to a good point and getting decent gear should be way easier imo. Afterwards, from that "average-level-standard-gear" position which, I repeat, should be easy to achieve, onwards, it should become harder. So the result would be an average/good population of players with decent power, and then only those who can survive longer are rewarded with epic-tier gear and skills. Unfortunately this game isn't done in this way at all...

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dfgdfg 10 years ago
So you do a small mistake and perma-die? maybe i go afk for a few seconds and find that all stuff i buy in the game are gone for good plus all the time put in my account? great

Dyoh 10 years ago
I played this game until about Soul Rank 3 and level 11~ on two different characters and then I stopped.
What made me start playing this game is the appeal it has, or actually thought it had...of a seemingly realistic mmorpg world, were you could be a real criminal, but were you also got real penalties for both dying or being captured by the guards making everything much more exciting....sadly, many things disappointed me.

First off, levelling is very slow, while in itself it's not a problem, in a permadeath game it should be a problem...but as someone else said before me it's not real permadeath. In fact, when you die you actually get the chance to reincarnate. At the beginning the chance is 100% and it lowers (pretty slowly) as you gain levels. Even of you are unlucky once and fail...you actually have to fail twice in a row the actually lose your character...while this, to me, it's already enough to ruin the feel of a permadeath game, there is actually more to it. In fact, during the game (and in the future, from the cash shop) you can gain some items which you can use during the reincarnation process to raise the chance of reincarnating...therefore making the threat of permadeath very distant and more of a really unlucky event that MIGHT happen...destroying all your hopes and catching you off-guard when it actually happens. This is not how permadeath should be, permadeath is not meant to be frustrating, is meant to add more meaning to what you do, to make you more careful and thoughtful in dungeons and during your travels because if you die, you're done for ! It is an element that should make the game more enjoyable (for the ones who likes that risk feel), not more frustrating...

This although is not all, there is also more I don't like of this game...which eventually led me to stop playing it, the combat system and the skill build. The combat system, while it might seem ok/cool at first, it's very flawed, unbalanced and stiff. For example, while on a warrior (with any sort of weapon) you have attack skills, it is almost always pointless to use them as they are much slower than your normal left-click attack, have little effect and if you get hit while channeling a skill you get interrupted; every attack you receive mini-stun you...I once died in the city (seems like guards near the auction aren't needed much....) because I got attacked by a player who had fast attack speed (actually an attack speed you can easily reach using cestus) but ultra-low damage because it actually stun-locked me in a spot by auto-attacking, I couldn't even dash, jump or move away by simply running...and if you don't have a shield you can't even block (actually it wouldn't have been useful because blocking takes too much time...).
About the skill build, as I said previously, attack skills are pretty much pointless to use 90% of the time...the skill build doesn't tell you precisely what they do, if they have a casting time, how long it is, how much damage it they do, there are just vague descriptions of the skills which make you feel like ( at least I feel like that... ) that you're doing something wrong in your build 99% of the time...saddest thing I found is that, as expected, the most effective build is going stat boosting/defense boosting skills, heal, and just spam auto-attacks in combat...clearly ruining all the fun of having a differentiated combat style.

Ups, wall of text...well, hope it gives some useful information.
tl;dr: The game disappointed me.

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blackmetalandrew 10 years ago
horrible game got the key a few weeks ago was so exited only to get on to find out it was the typical tab target type of game tried to give it a chance but really was a let down

LordHikaru 10 years ago
I would love this game even more... if I didn't hate the camera controls so damn much.

stlazn 10 years ago

rockmeus 10 years ago
This game remindsme of vagrant story :3 , i think some people played it :3

Kstyle 10 years ago
Dont know if im aloud to post sites that have keys right now but mmohut has a few more keys,just trying to help my fellow gamers get keys c:

Humor 10 years ago
Hello all,

Before I watch the first look, I must say the Japanese are MUCH better, and more capable then making mmorpg's then Korea, and that's not like a big hit on Korea or anything, but Japan has made so few mmorpg's, but they've done it right, actually that's a lie, Final Fantasy 14 blows, and probably always will, hence they scrapped it two times already... Only to make the same game over, and over.

Wizardry online from what I've played thus far is an excellent game. The game itself is around 4 years old, and the graphics aren't mind blowing, but the gameplay is solid, and if I could sum it up in a few short words, "It's like a fully 3D diablo 1 or 2", the dungeon system, and PvP, something Diablo 3 failed to accomplish.

Anyways, long story short, Wizardry Online is definitely worth at the very least, a try.

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Kstyle 10 years ago
Applied the first day they showed this, and didnt get a key...friend applied like 2 days ago and says he got one..

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Okoice 10 years ago
That game looks horrible.

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psyzeus 10 years ago
Really nice game any1 have any extra key?

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