World of Warplanes Beta First Look

World of Warplanes is a flight combat MMO published by The game features over 60 aircraft from World War 1 and 2 which players can customize and upgrade in between battles. Players can choose from three main warplane classes – single-engine light fighters capable of engaging enemies in close dogfights, heavy fighters with their deadly straight attacks, and strafing aircrafts, the fearsome threat for ground targets. Get a World of Warplanes beta key here.

To find more about World of Warplanes check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (16)

ner654 11 years ago
i have got problem i cnt downoald world of warplanes after i creat account and other thing help me please :-)

gabyyss 11 years ago
Yup is pure garbage.

cacalips 11 years ago
This game is garbage.
Aviator games are hard to define. Some are action packed with mmorpg elements where you fly around killing mobs, doing loops and very star fox like. I think the Crimsons Skys for Xbox is probably the best aviator game I played in this genre.

Next you have the Simulator type game. Anyone ever play Falcon 3.0? Great example of a combat flight sim. What this group should have leaned towards...

Then you have a little bit of everything between. It is always difficult to create combat in the open sky because...wants to be shot at in the midde of open blue. Balancing scenery to keep players interested vs the reality of nothing but blue sky makes a distance ration a problem. Add environment but how if the combat is spinning in the sky? Again, I think Crimsons skys has the best land used as tactical environment to fly around with. And Falcon 3.0 a great "open sky" tactical shooter.

World of Tanks has that slow get behind the objects, and use your "class" and build to aid eachother. With a little pay to advatage or progress twist. This is enhanced in the last patch and I have since uninstalled. PLus they removed allot of realism in the last patch, notably mods that remove all trees and removal of metalic sounds when firing cannons.
My predictions for WoP were right on. I knew they would get greedy lose sight of direction, patch the game to crap and continue to force content down your face (BFfree2play style, was good at start, got you hooked, "hahah pay to win patch" or "game got stupid now' patch) We all know the cries of "return it to OB status!!" Not surprising all the EU has jumped ship from WoT and moved to WoP, see forums of people saying goodby on the staff; and veteran players, like me, quiting also. But not for WoP, players like us dont continue to support fail.
So yes, WoP. Yes controls crap, but also look at the design, they HAD to infuse that WoT sluggish class like selection (how else make money if everyone had the same awesome dynaimc experience for free?) So you had to be sluggish in the air, mixed with a group of super sluggish but powerful and then the fast little guys with light fire WoT. BUT how?? how to do this in open blue sky? Well they would have added less of a cieling and put you all in canyons, waterways; cities; etc Like in Crimson skies...but no; they decided to add a few points in low elevation to hide in, but you will need agile planes to manuver in these kind of games; knowing they needed sluggish planes to get you to cash up, they cant use the terrain as a tactical combat zone, so let them eat sky and tweak the ground to sky elevation ration so that you donr kiss the ground as you are slooowwwlly turning or barrel rolling around. This naturally cuts the low elevation hunting out of the is difficult to balance...I know, as mentioned above because you will end up like one game or the other. The balance is probably impossible but doable if you do one thing.... GIMP THE MECHANICS, make shooting a job and a struggle so that you stay in the high altitude longer and focus on green circles agains blue skies and a moving target..... I knew it would be like this...seeing it actually really turn out like this in the review blows my mind. I am always right and sometimes that sucks... ;(

anonymous 11 years ago
i played the closed beta (and consequently banned... not because i broke NDA cause i never did, but because i said the community was very childish, immature, and not helpful at all). The community expects you to be a pro at a game no one has played before. everytime i had a question i was greeted with insults and childish remarks.

on top of that... this closed beta is just horrible. the controls are very clunky and it's impossible to control your plane. WG has A LOT and I mean A LOT of work to do on this game.

orphos 11 years ago
Next game by World of Battleships.

Trdlo 11 years ago

WAR THUNDER WORLD OF PLANES IS LIKE 999% Better than this shit..

aas 11 years ago
Play Warthunder 100 times better

Mrmr 11 years ago
Spunkify, everything you said about the controls is true.
Maneuvering is not the problem, shooting at the target is. You can notice the sway while you shoot at static ground targets. Even then you have to constantly move your aim to hold it steady at the target.
I've reached to tier 5 with all nations and there is no "learning curve" when it comes to shooting.
The problem is less obvious when you reach higher tier and unlock stronger planes that kill faster.
I think that the sway is the real problem and it becomes frustrating when the enemy plane starts to dodge and pulling out maneuvers.

Yes, a lot of people are disappointed, a lot of threads on forums, a lot of complaints in chat too about hard controlling of planes. I did destroyed over 100 of enemy planes, but most of the time it feels like a lucky shot because you are constantly struggling with the sway and to keep your aim still.

I was playing with my gamepad too, it was terrible. I've seen in chat some people talking that they used their joysticks but switched back to mouse+keyboard because it's easier....

Overall, nice game with terrible controls. If they don't fix it somehow a lot of people will get tired of struggling with aiming in a short time and quit the game.

midgetpanda 11 years ago
he probaly got the green light spunkify is good guy he won't disobey wargaming

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Blazeshotz 11 years ago
WTH dude aint these NDA your not supposed to show the game. unless if you got the green light to show it.

Curst 11 years ago
Sigh... And how am I supposed to discuss this without breaking the NDA? Damn!

At least they don't forbid you to tell that you're in beta or alpha (if it's a public knowledge that alpha-testing has begun) like Piranha Games does.

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Jet 11 years ago

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