Firefall Exclusive Video Interview – Gamescom 2012

MMOBomb travel to Gamescom in Germany and delve into the action of Firefall. We had the opportunity to get a quick interview with David Williams, Lead Class Designer of Firefall at Red 5 Studios. You don’t want to miss this interview!



  1. very interesting

  2. The spectator mode is pretty cool, there’s all kinds of things you can do on the fly during a recording. You can snap to a specific position in the map, follow a player, slow-mo and replay their best moments, zoom in on those epic mid-air shots, following the shot as it travels, etc. It’s a great tool and a step in the right direction for “competitive” gameplay.

    The game itself is very fun as well, with this mega overhaul patch there are obviously some kinks to work out, but PvP just feels overall much better, and some of the new additions to PvE are great, like the two world bosses (Melding tornadoes and revamped chosen incursions)… Dem brain worms are creepy.

  3. “Open world PvP is something that is absolutely going to happen”

    1. In this game is just Open world PvE, To make PvP with someone you must reguest him to duel or squad duel or go to PvP instance. I still have 2 keys left to send someone ;)

      1. hey dude do you still have those keys for firefall =] i would really appreciate getting one =]

        have a nice day.

  4. I just want to play this game so badly. i beenon the beta key list for sooooo loooong :)


    and most likely new pc too XD

  6. wtf noooooooooooooooooooooooooob hahahahaha 00:24 lol

    1. You couldnt be better. :)

  7. I have two invites to send out if anybody is interested. I just need an email to send them to.

    1. can i have one Monkee o.O its cool if you dont.

      have a nice day.

  8. who else thinks this looks like halo, and global agenda combined with some of its own added items and look?

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