Allods Online Update Revamps Model and Updates UI

Seems as though gPotato has been hard at work bringing some quality of life changes to Allods Online. gPotato announced a new upcoming patch which features changes almost all aimed at improving players experience with the UI.

Some of the changes include the ability to summon Astral ships instantly when entering the hangar, gaining instant access to abilities with the combined and re-ordered Action Bar, and updates to how buffs and debuffs are tracked in parties. Players will now find it easier to monitor them by rank of duration and importance.

Aside from the UI improvements, one particular race’s female model will be receiving a complete overhaul. The Xadaganian female will get a full makeover with a new model, improved animations, new hair and facial choices.

These changes mark only a small slice of the overall Autumn Wind update for Allods Online. You can check the game’s official site for more previews of the upcoming Autumn Wind update.



  1. FIRST

    1. I second that

  2. Wrong trailer, but ok. When the title said revamps model, I thought it was talking about the free to play model, but I guess I got my hopes up too high. I’ll come back when it’s fixed.

  3. is this game worth the time?

    1. Try it, it’s a good.

  4. i hear this game is good at the end game point with good pvp and desent pve. However after playing solo for 23 levels (i joined a total of 2 groups) i realised that i hate MMO that lack social tools such as LFD tool. If you dont mind soloing though the upside is the soloing is super easy and you can get mercenaries for dungeons and they copletly destroy the dungeon better than a group of real players.

  5. Only thing that makes this game crappy in my eyes is that there is no auto-attack.I wish they had put it in this update. :)

  6. Here’s a great idea!

    Increase the experience rate and add quest tracking!

  7. did they remove so you dont ahve to attack every 2-4 seconds?

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO LONG DOWN:+ LOAD >:::(


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