Animal Cruelty: OGPlanet Announces Third-Person FPS GunDog

Someone alert PETA, OGPlanet has announced their latest third-person shooter GunDog and like the name suggests it involves guns and dogs. Specifically, GunDog pits two rival camps (Union & Empire) of newly recruited pups in a World War of dogs. Why are they fighting? Who knows. Perhaps one of the dog leaders had his/her favorite bone stolen or maybe the world’s supplies of Kibbles and Bits can’t sustain both camps causing the Dogs to fight for its control. Honestly I don’t know why I’m building a back-story for this conflict in the first place. Perhaps it is because the premise is so strange. I mean why are they even walking on two legs to begin with? Is this some Planet of the Apes/Dogs shenanigans whereby Dogs have become the dominate species in the future? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Beyond the obvious “the player is a dog” premise, the game touts features like tactical team-based shooting mechanics with the ability for players to collect unique cards which unlock new playable characters with new weapons and abilities. Players can also choose between 6 different playable classes including the standard Rifleman, Medic, and Sniper. The game utilizes cel shaded graphics which give the game a very Battlefield Heroes vibe. A beta test is scheduled for April 4th through the 8th which you can sign up for here.



  1. I’m sorry but that’s a dumb concept…

      1. I agree too :/ wtf did they do to poor dogs …

        1. Agreed. I believe this should have been created on April Fool’s Day. Cause then we’d know it wasn’t gonna be created.

    1. It’s still going to beat Call of Duty.

      1. nah, even call of duty can beat this

  2. Wow. That’s stupid to such an extent that it isn’t even funny anymore. I bet this game is going to shut down and very soon.

  3. I’m glad OGPlanet perma-banned me for no reason.

  4. Well, that was unaspected =D
    When i read GunDog, dogs with guns was the last thing that crossed my mind. lol @ogplanet

    1. unexpected*

    2. Yeah. Especially a bipedal dogs fighting World War 2. Somehow it didn’t cross my mind even after I’ve read the discription (which I did before watching a video).

      I guess they were thinking “Okay. We’ve seen heaps of low quality f2p shooters shut down even before they got out of beta lately. Obvios thing would have been to go for a high quality f2p shooter. But we aint that dumb to do something obvious. So let us make a low quality f2p shooter about bipedal dogs in uniform fighting World War 2. Yeah and let’s name it GunDogs. That’ll screw ‘em up.”

  5. Collectable Characters. Thats OG. Collect them with ur mallet i guess. I dont know what to think about this game in general. Its bad because u play as a dog? Na, thats not a reason for me. Remember Worms or Hogs of War? I mean, Pigs as characters? It worked. But if you go to make dogs as characters. DONT MAKE THEM SCREAM LIKE THEY ARE HUMAN BEEING. I will check this game out just for the cash shop. lol

  6. I want Metal Assault!!

  7. Aw man… it’s a neat concept but they’re just not fleshing it out enough. You can’t hide generic gameplay with aesthetics, you just can’t!

  8. So it’s a Third Person First Person Shooter? That’s interesting.

    1. Nope, it’s a Third Person Frames Per Second. (?)

  9. While I do like the concept of a dog vs dog shooter the game play just doesn’t seem very appealing nice try though

  10. reminds me of playing Manga Fighter Online :)

    1. Haha, same. Has the same look as it. Some good memories of that game :’)

  11. I will play this… We need more furry games.. >.> Also I wonder after i kill someone can i mark my territoy ? ya know lift a leg and…….

    1. LOL. That would be pretty awsome. Like a Taunt and u get a boost for a few secs.

  12. Scarlet Blade (MMpOrn), Hailan Rising (MM….. Nah.. Alpha experiment), and now Gun Dogs?

    I would much rather had seen a game about Ant Colonies going to war.. Actually I really would.. That would be cool if the maps really resembled Ant colonies..

    1. that would have to be RTS from sound of it
      I do wounder why dog sound like ppl when they die?

    2. Except Scarlet Blade is actually a good game as reviewers are finding out and agreeing on one by one as they pour in from having played it a little and as the vast majority of people who are currently testing it, myself included will tell you.

      Good game is good, rather you want to accept it or not.

      1. Porn is not considered “bad” by everyone (myself included), what puts me off is that I am forced to play as a scantly clad female.. I have no qualms with watching strippers on a stage doing what they do for the dollar bills in my pocket.. It’s another thing though to play an mmorpg where the only way to play is to dress like one..

        And if that seems shallow to you, then so be it.. To each his own.. You have your scantly clad anime babes, and I have my customization standards which include sex choice..

  13. What the hell is this shit

  14. u people not reading a world of dogs? no humans ok myth they rival camps like real life war. O.o its a game damn stop criticizing.

  15. :| Soul edge?

  16. Is everyone serious? Watching this is making me want to give it a try. I’m sick of the same old shooters that will eventually die off, being that they’re so damn boring and don’t offer anything new.

    1. Woah someone has the same thought process as me. It looks unique and sort of like S4 league so im going to try it out.

      1. That would sort of be an insult to S4′s stylish “GUNZ the Duel” type combat.. This is more in line with Battlefield Heroes.. Well, a “stale” version of such.. And I am not much the picky type but the established F2P developers aren’t even trying anymore..

    2. This just looks like the average tps but with dogs. Change classes on the go? you can do that in most good shooters if they have classes. Nothing new here. Also why do the animals scream so humanly when they die, the scream sounds horrible!

  17. is this gonna be another gimmick game that won’t last long…..oh well who cares I guess

  18. Come on I like it . Something new . It would be bad if ogplanet just released another copy of any modern FPS . This is a unique concept . Though those Ah!s in the video make me laugh. I expect it to be a good game . Lets hope for the best . I have to try it once . I am not coming on a conclusion without trying the game .

  19. I guess you can legitimately call your opponents a “bitch” when they kill you. lol.

  20. They could just make a valkyria chronicles games with those graphics – mechanics :P

  21. Hell even I can think of a better name…
    Dogs of War, anyone?
    If you can think of a better name than “GunDogs”, Reply here-

    1. The average TPS but with dog skins: the game!

  22. Cats vs dogs would have made sense. I shoot dogs daily. Right to bear arms folks/

  23. Funny how shooting people is ok, but as soon as a cartoon dog is involved people get all sensable/ Idiots lol

    1. It’s not that you are shooting dogs. it is that their screams are so human and sound horrible. You would think that they would bark or something like that but no…

  24. I think I’ll… Take my dog for a walk.

  25. The game is just insulting… dogs ?!

  26. furry’s unite

  27. —___—

  28. Wait, WAHT

    Are the devs smoking weed or what?
    A tactical team shooter with F** HUMANOID DOGS?
    Thats it!!I’m done!!
    *Kills himself*

    1. Calling yourself “TheGamer” and crying like this about a game without playing it just proves that your everything but a gamer. SO annyoing those kids that want everything more and more realistic. You want realism? Go join the army ffs.

      1. I didn’t said the game is bad, I SAID THAT THE IDEA WAS STUPID.
        And i didn’t said i want realism, i like arcade- shooters and all that good stuff (Quake and UT are my favorites <3)
        But the concept is pretty stupid…Well, at least i think i should give the devs some cred for trying something new.

        1. Well, my bad then. My realistic comment was for everyone that wants more and more realism in games.
          But i dont know…I mean, the idea of 4 fighting turtles (know as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) isnt any better. It just depends on how the idea is done. TMNT is awsome. Sure, it wont get the hype like TMNT back in days. But like you said, at least they try something new. ^^

          1. Yeah, i agree with you, they’re games, not a U.S Army training simulator program.
            And yes, if they somehow make this concept well made, it could be awesome like TMNT.

  29. ummm no thanks

    1. lol i agree with you this is jest…… ill pass thank you

  30. Anyone actually notice Soul Calibur music and death sounds?

    1. LMAO. it does.

  31. cute doggies !
    Looks different from those generic shooters so i`ll give it a try

  32. I’m sorry but you guys are dumb, so if its wrong for dogs to be in a violent game, why do we still act immature and have wars? Idiots, I swear.

  33. Dat joke ,human do more bad things to human and thats just a game !

  34. its 2013, and they still making this..

    1. Have come to realize that the year doesn’t really matter. It comes down to the all mighty dollar, yen, or whatever the Koreans use.

  35. Look your all crying over a game thats not even in beta yet.. Dont cry over a game thats not out yet.. If you cry cry cry and have not even tried a game to play it. don’t expect to be called a gamer.. Go and pick up books if you want to complain and cry over new ideas, and concepts..

    The thought of a furry shooter game. is rather good, since there is virtually NO furry MMOS out there. thats still alive… sure second life, imvu you can see furry, theres even wolf team.

    as i recall theres plenty of players who play wolf team. Think of this as a scaled down wolf team aimed for KIDS. Wolf team is more mature, while this is laid back and more kid friendly.

    Now I will actually give this a try, get a beta key when possible and play it. Its what a gamer does. is seek out games play them get the expirence of having played. if you dont like it within the first day of play, then uninstall. Because trust me there will be games out there that may apear visually bad, but your get addicted to them.. For Example

    MINECRAFT… many who look at it first cry and complain about graphics, etc but once they play it shows how addicting it gets.. So stop bashing the furry communities, or bashing OGplanet and either test the game out like a real gamer, or just say “its not a game for me”

  36. Reminds me of Manga fighter. Anyways… did they replace Lost Saga for this shit? I’m done.

  37. If CoD is so awful why does it hold the largest active multiplayer playerbase? (By a very large margin at that)

    1. Just because CoD has a big playerbase doesnt automatically means that the game is great.
      Because someone got more votes and getting the status president doesnt mean it was the better choice.
      Just because Real Madrid got on every position a star doesnt mean its the best soccer club. (nope, no CL Cup for them since ages)

      Look at the playerbase at LoL. Its also huge and belive it or not, there are more ppl out there that dont like that genre at all.
      So, a big playerbase doesnt mean anything. It just says, that alot of people enjoy the game. thats it.
      Why is WoW still that big? Because its such a great game? No, not anymore. The only reason the player base is still that huge is because ppl dont wanna lose there hard work. They dont wanna lose the chars and the time they did spend on that game thats why they keep paying and belive it or not, there is a huge diffrence beetween paying for a game and playing a game ;)

      1. Well said!

  38. Great another FPS game… and now are dogs, What’s Next dicks with guns?
    C’mon OGPlanet, make something more original and fun

  39. i thought it would be something much cooler. reminds me a of a dog version of battlefied heroes. Also why are beta’s so short nowadays? lasting only a weekend and shiz

  40. Would be better than Manga Fighter!
    I’ll try it and let you know lol

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