Oh Kartuga, we hardly knew ye.

Today, Innogames announced to its fans that it had decided not to publish Kartuga, and would immediately stop its development. The pirate themed MMO had only recently gotten its open beta sea legs and had a promising future ahead of it. Even Innogames themselves admitted the game did offer stunning graphics and had great potential, but they came to the conclusion that Kartuga does not live up to the high standards of quality they strive for.

Innogames also seem completely focused on only publishing games capable of cross-platform support. Something they felt could not be accomplish in a timely manner with Kartuga.

Players who have unspent gems are able to exchange them for premium currency on other games until August 14th. While there is no official shutdown date yet, the developers have said the game will be available for at least a few more weeks.

For more information regarding the shutdown or to find out how to exchange your unspent gems, be sure to check out the full post here.

Do you feel Kartuga deserved such a fate?

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  1. wootz91 on July 17, 2013

    I really don’t like browser games. It feels much smoother with a client based game. They should make this client based and a better advertisement.

    • ExHuman on July 18, 2013

      talanted devs – is what matters, not browser or client basis

      • Okofire on July 21, 2013

        You are wrong, Client is much better than browser.

        • Bic Boi on July 21, 2013

          Okofire is right. Client-based games are always far more advanced. Show me a browser that can run TERA at full graphics at 60+ FPS constantly and -then- I might believe that browser-based has anything at all going for it.

          Until then, browser-based games are simply inferior.

  2. ExHuman on July 17, 2013

    it was fine game

  3. DinoLove on July 16, 2013

    Dont think it was cause it wasnt a “Quality game they strive for” I think it was the fact at Open Beta launch it was empty almost lol..

    Just dont think they wanted to spend more money in something that was nearly dead on an Open Beta launch.

  4. Takerukun3 on July 16, 2013

    hey gais let’s toss money into a toilet~

  5. Первачек on July 16, 2013