Forging Ahead: Forge going Free-to-Play next week

Forge has had a rough year. The self described class based, third person fantasy shooter originally debuted on Kickstarter back in 2012, but fell short of its 300,000 dollar goal. Yet, Dark Vale Games the studio behind Forge found the will and the way to continue development. The studio opened up pre-orders on the official Forge website and a few months later Forge emerged.

The best way to describe Forge would be to call it a mix of ability style combat found in most free aiming action MMOs, with the movement fluidity of something like GunZ. What you get is very fluid MMO PvP combat without the MMO. Players need only worry about their personal skills and not what items or upgrades their enemies posses.

When Forge was released it was met with some success which allowed Dark Vale to continue development on the game as they had initially intended. However, the studio has been forced once more into survival mode and has decided to shed the price tag and go Free-to-Play. In a news post on the official Forge website the developers spoke of why they choose to pursue F2P and shed some light on Forge’s F2P model:

So, what will Forge F2P look like? Well, we continue to stand by our commitment that Forge will not be pay-to-win. As you see from our item store already, items are cosmetic. We hope in the future to add customization to cosmetic items as well. So the assassin could have a different dagger that gave her some kind of customization as well. For now, we will offer armor sets and XP boosts. We will be introducing 4 new sets including Bivröst Armor, Gullveig’s Armor, Armor of Muspelheim, and new war-painted helms: the Bardajalmor. For a while we had the idea of being a little more of a Freemium offering and charging for Progression. We have since decided from feedback from all of you to drop this idea and allow all access to the Item Store.

Looks like Forge’s cash shop dodged the Freemium bullet and ended up in a nice spot. From the looks of things, everyone will get a chance to use the cash shop not just those with cold hard cash. But how expensive will these items actually be? Dark Vale explains:

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from all of you as well as from some F2P experts on our pricing. One common theme is that we need to have items priced for all types of players. So, some that are priced for the first purchase player and some higher priced more exclusive items. We also want to take into account the time it takes to play Forge to unlock some of these items. For example, The Kaldrhiti Armor takes around 800 games to unlock. It’s hard to put a price on your time playing Forge, but we don’t want to de-value it. So, this will obviously be a higher priced more exclusive item.

So it may take some time to get the rarest armor, but keep in mind it also took a long time to acquire before the game went F2P. Dark Vale is hoping to get Forge switched over in an upcoming patch sometime next week. Does Forge interest you?


    1. Jokes over when the main guy that started it is not even on the site any more and no one uses this any more. I occasionally see on youtube videos a few turds from here try to pull this off. Usually voted off to many negative votes, or just ignored and get the comment pushed down. Not funny or cool any more. But whateve. Brain damage can’t be reversed. Just have to live with it

      1. I shall now laugh at you for taking the above poster so serious. Good job.

        Otherwise, awesome game.

      2. your post don’t worth time, spent on typing it..

        1. Your English isn’t worth the time you spent learning it.

          1. mean comment of mean person

  1. finally a good game i can look forward to

    1. FinalFantasy IV realm reborn is cool too and PoE

      1. he meant a cool f2p game

  2. I’ll try it out just to see if it is worth it, hopefully it is and it would then be in a better position to achieve the success that it deserves.

  3. What happens to the people that bought the game, like me?

    1. Special rewards. Most likely skins and boosts.

    2. Wondering the same thing. Honestly the community was so small for this game I wish I had never bought it.

      1. To : TheGamer and MrSnitches

        What will happen to you ? You gonna freaking die you little cheap selfish pricks. You both know that game has not enough players and you were wandering alone on the servers for some time. All you care about is yourself and your lousy 20$ spent on the game. This is about survival of the game and possible future progression. You gonna either play with tons of new players or die alone of boredom cause of empty servers. As developers said its play to win not pay to win so dont expect something great will appear in your inventory it will be just cosmetic shit and xp boosters. Deal with it kids. Until you understand its not always about you, maybe just maybe youll grow up.

        1. LOL SO MAD !!!

          They just asked what they will get when the game goes free to play. When a move like this happens the players that originally bought the game usually get something.

          Your logic is also flawed, you call them cheap selfish pricks, when they bought the game ?

  4. Spunk, the game looks interesting, will we be ssing a first look once it goes FTP?

    1. *seeing

      1. Of course. I actually own it, but I will wait to see how it functions once it is F2P.

        1. Sweet, Thanks Man, the first looks are generally how or why i download a game, Thanks.

  5. Personally when I hear a game I paid for is going free to play it pissses me off. When games do this they should offer refunds to those who bought the game in the first place.

    1. I disagree, but there should be some kind of reward for the players who have bought the game already.

  6. I thought many times about this game and if i should buy it but never did it so im kinda glade to see it going F2P. Ill download it and give it a try.

  7. Should have been free or low priced in the first place.


  9. Lol 1st thing is said when i saw this game in dev was that it should be f2p loool it always happens xD!

  10. I was actually pondering buying this game when it was on free weekend on steam i really liked it but there was a small playerbase, now it’s the perfect time

  11. When i saw pyromancer i was hooked~ MOUTED AS BaLLS

  12. Ok, I will bite. .Could be a hidden gem.

    1. Im so sick of brainwashed vocabulary. “hidden gem”. When people make games for the public, they try their hardest to not HIDE it. Gems in general are not hidden…you go to the damn stor and buy them unless you found one in the ground and then you worked for it so it is payment, or discovered gem. Hidden gem in the mmo community is like a game that some people deem ok, so it should be really pushed out more. By that definition you could say all current mmorpgs are hidden gems. Each one looking to add more people by their definitions of fun. This does not exist except for marketing BS speech.
      You want a hidden gem go look in the toilet. This game will never be hidden or a gem. It will have a following, either be for or crash. Most likely the later. That is not negative speech. It is positive. Negative is being sheep brains and following everything that is flashy because we absorb marketing jargon in the brain (ass).
      Play positive, have fun, stop the greed.

      1. Wowah, calm down man!

      2. Actually every gem BY DEFINITION is hidden, you are a moron and their is no possible way i could catch every single game even if i wanted to…This could be a HIDDEN GEM

      3. Thanks for making me laugh.

  13. Wow looks amazing. What is hw req. ?:-)

  14. dont know why they want to make this game f2p no one plays this crap on steam maybe get a few months worth of playtime out of it then this just flops again…

  15. Not surprised. It even standed b2p more than I thought. Might try it after it goes f2p tho.

  16. Forge is amazing. I can’t wait for more players to join the game!

    1. Finnaly. First man on the earth who bought forge and he is actually happy about forge going free to play. You sir are the only real gamer i have seen from your old forge community. Respect !

  17. Friends and I used to play months and months ago. We had fun but alot of it really depends on who you’re playing with. Can have a fairly balanced match going if everyone knows what their doing but then you can have matches where your team has stragglers and it often gets tipped in the other teams favor while you and whoever knows what their doing try to salvage when you can of a losing match to at least end decently.

  18. I wont deny, this game looks bad-ass. Hopefully it will run well on my computer…

  19. Why all game i buy go f2p ? OK,the game have not a lot of player but … i buy it and i now i will have stupid gift for 2/3 dollars ,seriously its stupid ,i pays 15 dollars and the other nothing ,i hate game wo go f2p all times little kids invasion or pay 2 win …

    1. Ok you are cursing little kids here because you paid your game and now its free so you feel like little dumbass cause you paid your money for nothing. As i see it – you would rather let it remain like it was since yesterday. You would rather see the game dies in half a year and never play it anymore ? You would rather see the end of Dark Vale and their effort wasted on this game for nothing ? You would rather see that 15$ to be completely wasted cause your game ended? Thats called BEING A BRAT. kids should not be allowed to blame other kids, go on the playground and throw sand on each other, dont throw your shits on the forums

  20. Is the game worth the Time?

  21. By habit anymore, I wait at least 6-8 months for most games to see how they fair before purchasing. The “buy now and get early access to beta” ones I ignore almost completely (money grabbers). If a game can make it 8 months with a steady flow of players I consider playing it and putting money into it.

    This game had fail written all over it. They didn’t make the kick starter goal. They then rushed it into launch. I hope with f2p it bails them out.

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