Otherland Announces First Beta Weekend

This upcoming weekend, August 31st – September 2nd 2012, will be an opportunity for players to access a chance to play the beta version of Otherland.

Being published by gamigo, Otherland is adapted from the science fiction/cyberpunk novels of Tad Williams. Transporting players into a virtual reality, Otherland envelopes players in an action-packed MMORPG. Travel to different areas, all with their own themes ranging from science fiction to Chinese-inspired societies.

In traditional RPG-style, players can go on quests, although Otherland is promising to balance socializing and battling, and to eliminate the mindless grind that seems so popular in today’s MMORPGs. Is Otherland’s closed beta weekend something that interest you? Lets us know! To learn more about Otherland and to sign up for the closed beta, head over to http://otherland.gamigo.com/ for more information.


  1. This first beta weekend is EU only.

    1. R u seriuos no beta in north America?:-[

      1. Uhm, this isn’t right. I’m from belgium and can’t access the game to.

    2. I’m in EU and I don’t have access to the game, so I’m not sure if this is right.

      1. It’s because the beta haven’t started yet. The beta starts August 31st, which is tomorrow…. read the first line. ;-)

    3. where does it say that?

  2. if any1 got a key plz ,send to me at bad1one69 at yahoo.com ,,,ive been waiting for 8 months for this . want in ,and if u give key , ill add u rite when i make it in ,send name to that acct to ,and ill put it rite in ,so we can pwn the hell oput of it rite off,,,,ty ty ty

  3. p.s,,,,google eu proxy to get in ,,,easy .

  4. Yes, I want in aswell. this just looks so freakin cool.

  5. nice. THey actually took some thought into the landscape, im hungry for more!

  6. The ones who got in didn’t get keys. If you signed up, you had a chance to get in. No keys.

  7. Man! I’ll be playing Tribes: Ascend this weekend for their double xp event! Bad timing…

  8. aaah! nah! thanks i prefer the original this try to copy Phantasy star online

    1. You have no clue what this is.

  9. I have zero idea what to think about this game. It’s all over the place, i will just have to wait and see.

    And it’s not available in Croatia, i hope that changes in the future.

    1. Signature

  10. a game hosted by gamigo no thank you.

  11. It says August 31 which is tommorow so you can’t play it yet so chill

  12. From older game trailers in 2011 to 2012, This is what I get from watching them. Its like Playstation Home meets Accel World (if you’ve watched the Anime series). I won’t quote what they say about the game-play till Beta, but this game catches my interest…

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