UFO Online: Open Beta on August 23

Gamigo just announced the open beta date for UFO Online: Fight for Earth, August 23, 2012. Fight for Earth is a MMO set in the near future; humanity has split into three factions and are competing for the scarce resources remaining on Earth. With contact being made with extraterrestrial beings, the human factions must decide whether or not to trust their intent to helps humans. If I learned anything from sci-fi, it is that helpful aliens always have ulterior motives. (Why are we so tasty to aliens!?) Ultimately, this means there’s going to be some serious alien ass-kicking action.

The open beta comes with a few new things to check out:

- Five additional story missions that continue the UFO saga.
- Soldiers can now hit enemies with their fists if they end up running out of ammo (who would of thought!).
- Squads will now be automatically accepted for the upcoming operations.
- Colored markings now show how much damage will be caused over a certain distance- you will need to use the “Shoot” button.
- Improved tutorials (a personal gripe of mine) with improved help screens and display.



  1. I’m sorry, but don’t they think we have enough FPSs now? Why can’t anyone think of anything new?!

    1. I disagree having a new Alien FPS will be great. Theirs not that many ”good” Free To Play FPS’ out their.

      1. this is from gamigo nothing more to hope from a game of that company except generic browser games.

    2. This game is not an FPS. It’s a tactical turn-based strategy where you command a small squad of soldiers… Not unlike Jagged Alliance Online.

    3. It’s a RTS not a FPS

  2. lol this isnt a fps this is a strategy game

  3. It’s a tactical game, like Jagged Alliance and X-Com (wich I believe its their inspiration)

  4. thought it said ufc online…..

  5. “Five additional story missions that continue the UFO saga.” This is a sequel? i didnt get it

    1. “The open beta comes with a few new things to check out:” is writen just above that so i think they mean that with the launch of the open beta they will add 5 new missions

      1. no, i mean all that dots are talking like it is a reopening of an older game. :/

  6. hell yeahh cant wait


    1. First Read then write, This isnt FPS game this is strategy game when you control your squad with shoting weapons and killing some alines got it? You fool.

  8. @ first looks like bullet run

  9. It has very little to do with the original games and all in all has a poor production value, if you compare it to the original this game has no chance what so ever. But if i look at it as small standalone web browser game, then it’s a pretty decent little game. The maps are small but last for about 30 minutes each, if you try to rush the maps your team will most likely die horribly, so strategy is required, there is inventory and personnel management, weapons needs fixing and people need healing, PvP has context to it since the outcome of pvp matches effects the ownership of the region you were fighting in.

    It perhaps could have been if it was done right, but at it level of quality this is not a game that will pull you off your more serious games, it’s a game you play on the side and one you can have fun with.

  10. Soldiers can now hit enemies with their fists – Bitch slap hot linked

  11. Seems quite a bit like Stalker-Online. Except possibly more tactical squad based combat in this game.

    I will give this game a little shot, I am current very into Stalker-Online alpha.. So much fun! Clan vs. Clan battles for bases, wep. mods, repair, artifact hunts, squad based combat – essentially grouping, but great times in an open world with a great community.

    (I do realize the squad based combat in Alien will almost certainly be more tactical – possibly turn based – would be nice for a change!)

    1. I started playing Stalker Online after i read your post. I didn’t know it existed till then and it’s actually pretty good, perhaps to hard to play it solo but considering the setting it makes perfect sense.

      Why isn’t MMOBomb covering the transition of Stalker Online into Open Beta ?

  12. 0:45 XD fail…. watch the shadow and that dude X3 fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. when is this coming out?

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