Update: Top 10 Free MMORPG List Refreshed

A couple of times a year we go back to our top 10 lists in order to add new titles and retire those that have served us well but are no longer worthy of the top 10 list. With most of this year’s new F2P MMORPG’s out of the way we felt confident enough to bring you our updated Top 10 free MMORPG’s of 2012.

Keep in mind this list is OUR top 10 MMORPGs and in no way are we saying that the MMORPGs within this list are the only good F2P MMORPGs out there. They are simply the ones that we feel represent the best of the F2P MMORPG market currently. Each entry comes complete with a short description and our first look of the game!

Do you think an MMORPG should or shouldn’t have made it on the list? Let us know why in the comments!


  1. mmobomb you guys are so epic and i dont wait for you guys to go big big like blacklight alreayd knows you and people love you for all the giveaways that you did and i know that you work hard and i wish i could help you but i am onyl 12 D: and about to be 13 in december so i cant work so for you but keep up the good work guys. ike489 out

  2. You can only work for them if you are 18 or older.

  3. I’m always willing to work for you guys mmobomb I’ve supported you guys seince 2010 and I’ve seen the massive improvement throughout the years and I think you guys have this down. I’ve played every game in your top 10′s and your opinions about these games are remarkable. Alls I have to say you guys are on the right track and there’s nothing stopping you, MMOBOMB FTW! :D

  4. its bout time cuzzz let get dis craccing cuzzzz

  5. 1st game succ cuzz aint none good cuzz ey cuzz who know the blacc game ey it blacc op cuzz blacc opps cuzz

    1. And that’s how English died…

  6. Rtl502 is right and i agger with him keep it up guys. ike489 out

  7. One small step for mmobomb. One big step for mmorpg community kind.

  8. Well MMoBomb became the site that i come in and chack every day like Facebook so i think they are doing a good job so far keep it up!

  9. Aion #1 ?

    I know what Magical person from Mmmobomb made this list…

    1. What is a MMMO?Mega Massive Multiplayer Online?Lol i want to play that…NOW!

      1. btw the other M was Magicman’s MMOBmb list

        Mmmobomb ;)

    2. yea, i was also suprised by the first option but who do you think has made the list?

      1. lol, hmm My hint was not that noticable.

        All good, Magicman, Beisde’s him saying he love’s Allod’s this game is right up there in his fav’s.

        I was just shocked that Aion was #1, Really was’nt for me.

        Thought i would see a few other titles in there,But that’s just personal prefrence on my part.

        Thanks for the update though MMOBomb , it was due, And well done :)


        1. For some reason i didnt notice the word “magical” XD… that was the main reason why i didnt take the joke :P . The thing is that the restrictions of Aion as f2p are way more than allod for example.

          1. Actually Aion has no F2P restrictions :D it use to but no longer after the 3.0 update.

          2. It depends on the servers you play on. NA has none of the restrictions that EU has due to Gameforge being the distributor in EU.

    3. HAHA! One person does not a list make my friend. :) This was a summation of a few people’s lists actually :)

      1. :D , I could not resist my Friend, I listen to what you say about what you like.
        By now you know i like kidding around with you guy’s.



  10. totally agree, aion rulz!!

  11. Runes of Magic in third? Allods in second? AION in first? Ok, how much did you guys get paid for that?


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