Warframe: First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Digital Extremes, the makers of The Darkness 2, just released their first gameplay trailer for the upcoming free-to-play cooperative shooter Warframe.

While F2P shooters are extremely common PvE oriented shooters are not. I can think of only one other upcoming shooter (ironically called Warface) that has a fully fleshed out PvE element to it. Most shooters that include PvE missions are poorly scripted and very boring. However if the game is at all like the above trailer then it is most certainly anything but scripted or boring.

As the trailer explains, you are the owner of a super powerful and ancient suit called a warframe. The suits themselves bear a slight resemblance to the robots from the anime Evangelion…or a cyborg fish ninja, which ever you find more appealing. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!



  1. First !! :3

  2. Wow this actually looks really good luls. F2P games moving up in the world.

  3. looks pretty sweet. game looks like it could definitely pull off some player vs player stuff. definitely give it a try if i ever get a chance

  4. I wouldn’t call it a shooter.

    1. They call it a shooter lol. Just because it has a melee weapon doesnt mean its not a shooter :3

    2. As long as there are guns in the game, it is a shooter.

  5. Reminds me of Advent on the original Xbox. Looks like it will be a fun game.

  6. Metal Gear Rising with guns. :D

    1. Aw man, you beat me to it. :P Guess all I can say is…
      Anyways, since it is assumed by the trailer that all players will be wielders of the warframes (the teno?) with a common enemy, will it be mostly co-op with “versus” mode thrown in?

  7. I play Warface. The PVE is EXACTLY like AVA. Get a group, survive through waves of enemies as you go down a patch, fight a boss, and theres a rocket launcher dude in the tower just at end…EXACTLY like AVA.

  8. This is a pretty good looking video for sure….How the actual gameplay isn’t so chaotic )))

  9. “I can think of only one other upcoming shooter (ironically called Warface)” What about Firewall? D:

    1. Give me your WAR FACE!!


  10. is it free to play ?

  11. This will be an awesome game!
    This will be the only murder but also the tactical game: D

  12. BAsically a Dragons nest with guns and better graphics….mmmm….no.

    1. >Game is a third person shooter
      >Dragon Nest
      Do you always be a dick to all potentially good Free-to-Play Games?

      1. Yeah he trolls everything that gets posted on the site so don’t waste time replying. It only makes him post again.

  13. Awwwsome!!!!
    been looking forward to it for a while good to know the gameplay looks like what I dreamed it would be!!

  14. I hate TPS game

    1. Due to what logical reason?

    2. i hate fps games

  15. Unicorns will take over the world!!

  16. finally, there are new f2p shooter with pve element other than “Crimecraft”,
    hope this game wont lag so much,
    and low requirement

  17. I’m not gonna lie, right as it said the website I opened a new tab. That game looks pretty cool.

  18. Looks pretty good

  19. Looks Awesome

  20. Firefall is the other PvE shooter being released,not just warface.

  21. this games myt be interesting,wana download this games……..please help me

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