Vogster Entertainment and MMOBomb.com have teamed up to offer players an opportunity to easily earn 550 Gold Bars (worth $25 USD) for the free-to-play MMORPG Shooter CrimeCraft Bleedout. But there’s more! You can also win 550 BombGold Coins, the virtual currency from MMOBomb.com that users can exchange for virtual goods and currency of their favorite MMO games!

Your quest is:

This quest will end on May 20th and participation is limited to one review per user. Vogster Entertainment will select the three lucky winners and contact them through e-mail in the following days. Besides the winners, three lucky users will earn 100 Bombgold Coins just for entering this challenge. Have fun!

Winners (550 Gold Bars and 550 BombGold coins)


Runners Up: (More 200 Gold Bars, a bonus from Vogster Entertainment)


MMOBomb Bonus (100 Bombgold coins just for entering this challenge)



  1. man this game is cool for real not like APB 95% is hacking =.=

    on crimecraft lets see 10% of people hacks i think iv’e seen some videos of people hacks on CC bleedout

    its a fun game and also i would like to win some gold bar if i stand a chance with local players playing the game

  2. This is a fun game.You get to wave your gun around a little.You use your skills to win.You fight like a fight happening for real.Great cloths and missions.Has pvp and you can test your skills.Game is pretty good.

  3. omg these comments are even wanna me play it COME ON I AM DOWNLOADING STUPID 20 MINS FOR 2.4 GB’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Crimecraft is a free-to-play online Persistent World Next-Gen shooter *inhales* (PWNS) which is developed by Vogster Entertainment. And like the genre “PWNS”, this game does in fact, “pwn”. In the not so distant future, where dried up oil supplies have lead people to revolution and chaos, you are a civilian of this new dangerous world controlled by gangs, crime, and power. As you rise up in ranks, you could make the choice of becoming a member of a gang, leading a gang, or going rogue. (although being apart of a gang is more beneficial.)
    The game is a mixture of a Third-person Shooter, inside an MMO environment filled with campaigns, quests, skills, battlegrounds, and a huge assortment of weapons and battle gear that can either be purchased or even created. It’s almost like an FPS had a baby with World of Warcraft! One could play using a free account, or a paying-membership, (and of course membership is more enjoyable, yet doesn’t stretch the limits from that of a free account, which shows good balance!)
    With dedicated support through Vogster, Crimecraft will be a constantly growing platform that will eventually spearhead the PWNS genre to greater, well-known heights!

  5. On first glance all i can say is “in my opinion not worth it”. I only say this because i hate FPS, requires download(takes time and space on PC), and too little amount of winners and not even small participating reward.

  6. Recently got back to CC its awesome what they did with the game, feels alot more balanced now, and there arent that many hackers, most of the time people tend to call hackers those that are better than them, its not easy to spot a hacker in cc due to all the things that influence the game, drugs, mods, clothes, etc etc unless they are blatantly hacking.
    Join this game if u want a fluid action game, for me is one of the best games available in its genre.


  7. Great game, been at it for 2 years. There are hackers like in any other shooter, but they are being banned. I think it took Vogster a while to figure out how to hunt the hackers the best and that they indeed was hurting their business, but last week saw some serious banhammering and I think that Vogster is going to keep up this hardline approach now. That’s a good move in the right direction. Game’s fantastic when played legit, the lagissues it suffered is pretty much gone now as Vogster have got a new provider and done the hardware upgrades needed to run with this new server so no more crashes on a daily basis. As I see it… Launch was Jan 2011 with the Bleedout and if you count from there it’s only been 4 months since the real launch of Crimecraft. Prior to that it was sorta an open beta thingie. Great game – try it out. It’s free to play and lots of possibilites for the IP still that haven’t been touched upon yet. Like the Swamps around Sunrise City of the Meta-tribe. Bleedout 1 ended in a great standoff. I patiently wait for the new episodes.

    • There are hacking, yes, but the GM and the developer are looking and hunting all the cheaters frequently, there is a “zero tollerance” policy.
      there is a better situation every day. Is a great game!!


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