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MMOBomb, The Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and My.com have all teamed up to give Skyforge players a chance to win their very own Holiday Artillery Pack full of goodies! Enter below for your chance to win!

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3. Complete the following sentence: “I love Skyforge because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 30 lucky MMOBombers on December 29th 2015, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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This code contains the following items:

● Gunner Class Unlock
● Crusader Armor Costume
● Red Heavy Power Armor Costume
● New Year Ghal Mount
● Legendary Gunner Weapon & Epic Offhand
● 30000 Argents
● 7500 Spark Replicators
● 5000 Etheral Cores


Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.


Skyforge is a free-to-play Sci-Fi MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat, where players could become mighty Gods.

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Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. I love Skyforge because it’s not your usual MMO, for example the fighiting system is pretty cool and unique in his way, the graphics are amazing, the community is realy nice, and the devs are realy active and want the player to enjoy their games!

  2. I love Skyforge because it has a great replay value also the freedom to switch between a variety of classes and gear so easily is nice ^_^

  3. I love Skyforge because it is an amazing game. it stands so much out from other mmo’s and that is why ppl love it so much. the skill tree. the way you change your class. all of it, it is just amazing

  4. I love Skyforge because this is the best game on the market now. It is plenty to do every day and events and invasions are very interesting and you can play with your friends. Pantheon gives you goal in game so you dont play just for yourself but for everybody.

  5. I love Skyforge because it’s unique class system. You can use all the classes with both male and female, no “female only” nonsense. The elaborated atlases system is very unique too, allowing you to choose in what you improve and when. No lineal progression, you decide what to do and what stats to improve depending on the build you want to achieve.

  6. I want Skyforge because…
    Imma blast you with my gun’s cannon!
    You wont understand what the hell’s happen’d…
    Your head will fly over my shoulder!
    From that time you will be calling me Boulder!
    All you other creeps can’t even stop me!
    I have ALL the power here, so come at me!
    I’ll banish you to the other realm, but first you’ll be shot..
    Because i am a bad a** Demigod!
    It’s not easy for me to amaz…
    I want Skyforge because…

  7. I love Skyforge because it has several cool systems. (Fight, pantheon, adventure)
    We get patches often so we can see the dev team working which is really important.
    It has a few bugs but seriously… which game doesn’t have?

  8. I love Skyforge because I am avid Moba lover. I also have a bad back and have to sit down most of the day. I would love to win this giveaway so my Skyforge experience can be that much greater. Thank you so much.

    Sean M. Marsh

  9. I love Skyforge because of it’s progression system, the easy class switch, the number of environments, it’s dungeons system.

  10. I love Skyforge because, it has so many diffrent ways to lvl up and you can try every champion and decide clear path of evolving.

  11. I love Skyforge because its unique gameplay and its unique classes . Found many friends in this game. The grind is boring but with my them it became enjoyable.

  12. I love Skyforge because of their unique system and classes. I love grinding and dungeon mechanics. Even if I got 1 fps in this game I still love this game. It is the truly the game itself and I recommend this game for everyone who are interested in sci-fi MMOrpg.

  13. I love Skyforge because of it’s gameplay. I managed to find a pantheon that i really enjoyed playing with. I like the grinding especially with them. BEST GAME EVER!
    Thanks for the giveaway MMOBOMB!

  14. I love Skyforge because I can get all the upgrades and class optimization is not that important in the long run also Necro is the best class all of time!

  15. I love Skyforge because…the combat system isn’t like in your “standard mmos” actionbased movement makes it more less static and more fun…and being a God adds to the fun of corse 😉

  16. I love Skyforge because i can play with too many classes and i dont need to worry about creating other charecters or leveling them 1 by one an easy mmo with cool some times challenging dungons

  17. I love Skyforge because I really do like sci-fi MMORPG. The fights are just epic and so dynamic !. The community is also pretty good when it comes to help newbies to xp, I can tell bye experience. Aside of it, my biggest dream is to play the gunner class, but it’s quite far from me ….That’s why I would love to get this giveway

  18. I love Skyforge because of its awesome smooth combat system, nice customization and regular updates. I feel like I say this sentence a lot on here with all your awesome Skyforge giveaways 😀

  19. I love Skyforge because I don’t have to pick a class and stick with it, I can change up whenever i feel like it! The class and symbols system makes for some very interesting combinations. Been playing for months and looking forward to many more.

  20. I love Skyforge because, lets face it, it’s one of the only MMOs where the player-characters power compared to NPCs makes sense. We’re gods.

  21. I love Skyforge because it’s raising the standards for future games, as a good game should. Now, it’s not perfect, but it has a certain pezzazz to it, that makes me want to keep playing and unlocking those addicting skill trees. The graphics are wonderful and classes are many. Never stop adding to your game, Skyforge <3

  22. I love Skyforge because its just a fun game! it has great graphics and I really enjoy the people there and the plantlikfe reminds me of my own art lol

  23. I love Skyforge because it is an awesome game this is my game of the year for 2015. Being in beta title this is the most balanced and bug free AAA game I have ever seen. I want to thank the Allods and Obsidian team very much for their love and dedication to this game. This is the only game that made me feel like a god when I went god form.

  24. I love Skyforge because… it’s a different style of mmorpg, mixed with scifi elements and kick ass combat. I played off and on since closed beta but came back recently and been rocking the Necro class. I would love this give away so i can check out the bad ass archer and gunner classes and look bad ass doing so. Thank you!

  25. I love Skyforge because it’s has a forever growing skill tree filled with cool things to unlock like classes skills and stats. Don’t get me started on the graphics and sci art. And last but not least, WHO DOESN”T LIKE BEING A GOD?!?! RIGHT?!?!?! This game is awesome. If you are not playing it you are missing out big time.

  26. I love Skyforge because of its classic take on an mmo combined with the design and sci fi approach. It adds an element to the game. I would really love to play the gunner class.
    Thanks mmobomb and happy holidays.

  27. I love Skyforge because it has a great story line, fast action filled combat, and awesome “end game” content. I put quotation marks around end game because it’s not really the end of the game.

  28. I love Skyfore because it’s much more original than most MMO titles nowadays – action-packed, with ability to change classes on fly and really pretty visuals.

  29. I love Skyforge because it’s one of the few MMOs that allow you to do everything on one character. I love being able to change my class on a whim or as the situation dictates.

  30. I love Skyforge because is so awesome, great graphics, fantastic action gameplay, diferents modes and events, diferents and varied classes (and i really love and want the gunner class) and a good history line.

  31. I Love SkyForge Because … Its amazing similarities to “Phantasy Star Portable”, I really enjoyed Phantasy Star Portable and am currently enjoing SkyForge.

  32. I love skyforge because i love the graphics, the gameplay and the game its F2P :p
    and I want to play this class as having tested in the training room I really love it

    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  33. I love Skyforge because because it gives the freedom to the players, the system is great, and you can change your class whenever you want

  34. I love Skyforge beacause , It’s a fantastic game with everything you ever dreamt of , its like a dream mmo with god form and unique quests and mounts , amazing open worlds and what not , i really love playing it!

  35. I love Skyforge because there is no player driven economy its a free for all where u have to grind to get what u want instead of buying from others.

  36. I love skyforge because it’s a new MMO and there’s always making new friends and finding creative ways to achieve goals together.

  37. I love Skyforge because it’s the best free to play mmo ever, it’s free to play model welcomes new users, let’s you pay your premium with your sweat, just gather some credits, trade for some cristals, and then enjoy the free premium. You only need one character to play all classes, which you can unlock all, premium or non-premium, it doesn’t matter. This game has no pay to win.

  38. I love Skyforge because of it’s non standard leveling system and because you can play any class on a single character. Also I love how it encourage team working.

  39. I love Skyforge because it introduced the idea of playing a god – you experience your new powers as you progress trough the game, the games just changes when ascended form becomes available

  40. I love Skyforge because of his class variety(13 class plus more coming), everyone with a very various choises of builds, you don’t even need to re-create a new character to try and build every class as you unlock them through your Ascension Atlas and your stats is shared with your unlocked classes except of weapon and ring that every class wear his own to fit his playstyle with your and best part of this game is that you can change your class during the dungeon to adapt your and other’s playstyle to defeat some hard bosses.
    Also don’t forget the various content that this game offers to you, many dungeon that you can do in solo or enjoy with 3-5 members party aswell and not to mention 10men raids with very hard bosses and exciting fights that pushes you and your team mates to collaborate and play coordinately at your best!
    I wish that more member will join our community and don’t be worry about the gap with elder player as thank to the catch-up system you’ll grow faster to reach other player and if you have an high prestige friend you’ll be still able to play with him thank to the scaling system!
    See you on Skyforge!

  41. I love Skyforge because of the cool class system, I can do whatever class I want anytime, and brings synergy to team fights and dungeons because of the class switching anytime

  42. I love Skyforge because it gives you a whole new look on what an MMO is. It gives you the option to play what class you like and the skill tree is something very unique from any other MMO game out there. It has a very nice vibe to it that i cannot seem to get enough of and with the cool skill combos you can do it’s just utterly amazing.

  43. I love Skyforge because it gives you a variety of options and all of it still matters whenever you become a newborn god and go stop the aliens from wrecking your world!

  44. I love Skyforge because all those peasants need a god like me to lead them into a new age of peace and prosperity. Which would be nice but… I’m a God of Destruction and I love to hear their agonizing screams.

  45. I love SkyForge because it’s a great and an amazing approach to the free to play mmorpg genre, it’s fun and the story line is really interesting

  46. I love Skyforge because… Not only is it visually impressive but it’s also an action MMO and allows you to show off Real Player skill as opposed to just paper numbers. The universe is intensely immersive and is set in a unique future setting that is not available in any other game that I can think of of this caliber.

    TL:DR cas it rox

  47. I love Skyforge because no level system so good pvp pve class atlas system and prestige system not like classic MMORPG My favorite part of this i love so much skyforge 🙂

  48. I love Skyforge because it’s an amazing game with many possibilities and interesting mechanics. With tons of squad, group and party adventures to tackle as well as a variety of classes to play, players can tailor their Skyforge experience for maximum fun.

  49. I love Skyforge because of its unique gameplay and style, there’s just no comparing Skyforge to any other MMORPG out there in all honesty.

  50. I love Skyforge because, the entire concept and just simply seeing the low graphics setting that still look amazing as I slash through robots and other immortals, and the occasional giant bug, is just simply fantastic.

  51. I love Skyforge because its the only game i can always play with my friends. Other MMO´s you have levels and if you play more than your friend you cant really play together but in Skyforge its ok you just make a group and do some dungeons 😀 and also hey i´m a GOD!

  52. I love Skyforge because you can play as an immortal being wih a fast hack n’ slash combat system, full of many awesome classes with many different clothing choices. This game has goregous beauty to it and also a unique fame system 😀

  53. I love Skyforge because I don’t feel like I’m grinding when I’m playing. It’s definitely an MMO but it doesn’t totally feel like it.

  54. I love Skyforge because it has amazing graphics and the options you have with the classes are awesome!! Having one character that can switch between classes on demand is something I haven’t seen before with an RPG. It’s innovative and forward thinking. I look forward to unlocking more classes and eventually becoming a god 🙂

  55. I love Skyforge because it breathes life into a genre packed with recycled garbage. The classes are cool and I dig complexity of the attack system ie. combos and the useage of all 15 fingers – keeps the brain from developing dementia in old players like me.

  56. I love skyforge because has a unique class development system, because they got rid of goldseller finally, because the game starts where other games finish, because you can swap class whenever you want, because dx 9 did miracles in this game visually speaking, because is eternally open beta, because is not pay to win, because it is both for casual players and hard core players, because you do points in pvp just making a group and not taking part (DOMINUS is my italian guild, and we are seventh in europe btw:P), because you can melt 3 men dungeeons in solo, because staff somehow listens to what people want ( symbols listing and set of rings was a huge improvement, because when therer are patches working things are rarely broken, because i can’t stay far from it, and there is nothing else than skyforgeXD

  57. I love Skyforge because…it is an amazing game. Plus it is free to play. I love the ability to use a variety of unlocked characters on the fly. The graphics look great. Other MMORGP players can easily transition into this game. I like the character customization. There are so many reasons why I love Skyforge. It’s an amazing game.

  58. I love Skyforge because it’s like a cocktail of many MMO components you can find in a modern MMO game. A tasty one. I like their idea of using gods as theme with sci-fi elements and most importantly has a satisfying character development structure which I was missing from oldschool MMOs like Shadowbane and seeking it on new MMOs for a very very long time. I was worried if it was a P2W copypaste game but it really did suprise me with it’s in-game possibilities. I really hope current MMO makers will give-up copying each other and move on following this kind of games with their unique ideas.

  59. I love Skyforge because you can make a sexy female character with an amazon body and then rip monsters to shreds with a giant chainsaw with said female character.

  60. I love Skyforge because of the great leveling mechanism they introduced. It really changed the way gamers see MMO’s – like a WoW replica. and that created a window for other companies to diverge from the WoW idea and move on to other styles!

  61. I love Skyforge because of its unique gameplay. The first mmo I know that level not become a parameter, rather than level, it use prestige to rank players. While other mmo serves almost the same concept, this one serves out of the box idea, since almost all mmorpg use level to determine whose stronger (well gears the one who determine but most end game gears can only used by high level character)

  62. I love Skyforge because its one of the few games that has all of your characters in one so you have all the fun you want when you want don’t have to remake a character to play a new class, plus who does not like raids? Yes a few mmo’s have raids but these raids are awesome cant wait to see what new content is going to come out.

  63. I love Skyforge because it’s real. How powerful you not will be, you always can die by a handful of weak monsters. And in god’s form too.

  64. I love Skyforge because: the different classes and the skill tree. It also is the one MMO I’ve been playing over the last months (now with Devilian). You also become a god and get your own statue. That is badass 🙂

  65. I love Skyforge because we need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls. But more importantly, we need me to become that God!!!

  66. I love Skyforge because of the unique setting, the real time combat that can take skill to master, and the fact that with enough effort you can earn everything in-game without spending.

  67. I love Skyforge because it’s a unique game in the sci-fi genre, I also love the passive tree as it allows you to progress how you want to and to unlock what you want.

  68. I love Skyforge as it a unique game in the sci-fi genre, I also love the passive tree as it allows you progress how you want to and unlock what you want.

  69. I love Skyforge because the combat is very dynamic while an incredible gameplay, visual effects and great development tree offering many hours of play, the PVP is the best, good graphics and because friends spend hours playing too fast

  70. I Love Skyforge because it truly is a fun mmo and has an amazing community, the devs listen to the community and fix things that users ask them to.

  71. I love Skyforge because… gameplay, graphics, classes so far the only thing i don’t like it’s the cost of the package in CDn money :S

    thx for the giveway

  72. I love Skyforge because its ascension Atlas Sytem, the classes make each other more powerful, and It’s an ARPG. Active combat makes any game more enjoyable, and sky forge definitely got it right.

  73. I love Skyforge because you truly get the feel of an actual community. Not only am I immensely interested in having the chance to forge my own character in such a creative world, but I have spent the past few days reaching out to the Skyforge community and could not be more excited to become a part of it. Having played a few different MMO’s in my time, I hope to be chosen for this giveaway because I know there is a lot I can bring to this already hugely welcoming community. And after having my XBOX account hacked and losing every shred of the digital content that, this would be a very nice change of pace haha.

  74. I love skyforge because.
    Its everything a mmo should have at this point and yet there is more coming. If its no the endless possibilities of character its down to the fluid combat if its not that its the growing community. and man if that doesnt get you there is God FORM! :J
    Come on guys! lets get it on like donkey Kong!

    Ohh did I forget to say I really want that class in this package tried it and insta loved it! Wish I had it. Merry Christmas guys!

  75. I love skyforge because its the best mmorpg that i ever played never gona stop playing it the pve in thise game is awsome <3 and i love mmobomb<3

  76. I love Skyforge beause its a great game ,the graphics are so awesome also love playing with my friends and the classes are amazing.

  77. I love SkyForge because I’ve always just liked the game. The style of the game is just amazing to me. Same goes with the fighting system as well. I know that it’s going to be nearly impossible to be able to get a key, but you know what, I just really like the game, and I want it! ?

  78. I love Skyforge because, its different from most free to play MMO’s it combines a competetive game with a grinding game. It features everything exception that i have from a sci-fi mmorpg. During the months I have played Skyforge, I have managed to make new friends and gather experience of a whole new gamestyle. Skyforge sticks out from mosts MMO’s because of its unique gameing delicateness. It has this peerless touch, and no other free to play Game can get close to Skyforge, in its playstyle and thats why I love Skyforge.

    Thank you for the great giveaway MMOBOMB!

  79. I love skyforge because the limits that they imply in the game it u can have a break from it and when u come back u never miss a thing awsome!

  80. I love Skyforge because I immediately fell in love with it. I’m loving it for a long time now. Excuse me but i’m going to throw some snowballs at these nasty Kelphs.

  81. I love Skyforge because it’s have very unique gameplay that i want to play with my Friends,like gods system. I recommend this sci-fi mmorpg to everyone.

  82. I love Skyforge Because its the only mmo that keeps my attention i never have issues spending money on the game but i missed the lauch i have played for like the 3rd day to today and will most likely play as long as it is up. Skyforge has done what most games have not and the ones that have are old and were never that good. I love skyforge for the grind it gives me something to do as for other games i would hit max level in like a week and gear out the next week.

  83. I love Skyforge because it’s a different style of mmorpg, mixed with scifi elements and kick ass combat. I played off and on since closed beta but came back recently and been rocking the Necro class. I would love this give away so i can check out the bad ass archer and gunner classes and look bad ass doing so. Thank you!

  84. I Love Skyforge because unlike most mmorpg you can dodge attacks, kill enemies close to your level with one shot but also get killed by just a few attacks, I love it because its unlike everything I’ve ever seen and its fun to play every time i load it up

  85. I love Skyforge because it does things differently other MMOs, so playing it doesn’t feel like doing the same thing in a different game all over again.

  86. I love Skyforge because their dakka spits beams AND rockets. It’s like someone combined a gundam with a brief case and I love it.

  87. I love Skyforge because there are so many classes and it is one of the best mmo i play so far i love playing it with my Friends and they love it to and the game look very good and plays good

  88. I love Skyforge because this game is made by my.com company, who is not big company, but have awesome games maded, and i have played skyforge on Russian server and on English server, and i still think the game is awesome, the grapichs, story and community is awesome, i love how helpfull people there are, the grinding somethimes are getting boring, but when you are playing it with your friends then it’s getting fun again, that’s why i love skyforge, and i recommend at least try it every1 🙂

  89. “I love Skyforge because… the world is so awesome and the gameplay is very fun, I also got the pruple founder package so this package will be a awesome colelction.


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