About the game:
Title: Defiance
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 3D
Developer: Trion Worlds
Publisher: Trion Worlds

Explosive Features:

  • Massive persistent world.
  • No strict classes.
  • TV Show/Video game fusion.

An MMO open-world shooter conceived from the tv show of the same name, Defiance takes place in some decades into the future, and is Trions Sci-fi TPS that makes the players compete to earn their keep. Using armor, weapons and special abilities to pursue fallen alien technology known as arks, players must fight their way across a war torn San Francisco bay area in search of greater payloads.

As a highly skilled Ark Hunter, players will journey across the planet to salvage valuable alien minerals and technologies that have been dispersed amongst the earth via the destruction of the Votan planetary arks. Within events known as “arkfalls”, shrapnel’s of these valuable assets fall from the sky, leaving all of the Ark Hunters to compete for their claim to the bounty.

Ark Hunters can travel simply as a lone wolf, taking on the world individually with their adept set of survival skills, or they can also contract through Von Bach Industries, which provides them with the greatest technologies of the new world. With a carefully placed nanotechnology known as EGO, Ark Hunters are fused with special abilities that give them a supreme advantage over average humans and Votan alike.

Defiance features a collection of gameplay options, such as solo campaign in which players are employed by scientist Karl Von Bach to find a specific relic. Competitive multiplayer puts thousands of people against one another on this vast map, and some will be chosen to partake in the Shadow War as part of a private Military Corporation known as Echelon. These modes combined with dynamic events that keep the arkfalls flowing are sure to keep the hunters at ends for years to come.

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System Requirements

Defiance Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800
Memory Ram: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 15 GB of free disk space
Video Card: GeForce 8600 GTS 512MB / Intel HD Graphics 4000 Desktop

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  1. Would be a great game (and it is) if the server was any good. Severe lag and phasing issues for quite some time now and hasn’t ever been fixed or gotten better in the months I’ve popped back on to see if things have improved. And no. No they haven’t.

  2. Prettiest race for player character for real money only?!?! That game is pure sh*t just by that… who the hell gonna play it like that?

  3. Not bad for a free mmorpg. But what made me to avoid it was something as simple as the dumb view of your main character and the impossibility of change the zoom view or the perspective, making players that dont like that look just not play it. Just idiotic for a videogame of the year 2014.

  4. current owner/player of this game. iv been playing it for nearly 2 almost 3 years no since its release,

    the game its self over all is not that bad its an open world PVE with lots of guns and loot to get thoughout your long grind tothe fabled ego level 5900 ! , witch might sound hard but if your good at pvp and raceing games. shouldnt take you more then a few months. if not weeks.

    the over all graphics of the game are nice. but leave so much lacking. due to the small budgit and lack of time put into reparing the game. and the game also being a cross platform. the pc version is missing the love it needs becuse the company cant dump all its resorces into the pc. and have to split them between the XBL and PS versions as well. witch leads to loads of glitches and lag spikes due to the pc version being set up like a console game.

    lets get into the cons of this game now.

    as a long time player and someone that owned the game befor it became free to play i have the added binafit of haveing everthing that came out befor the game was released to the masses as a F2P game last june.

    meaning i have the exspanded invitorys. the higher keycode count and the extra loadouts and charicter slots. that the F2P people dont get.

    so befor you deside to play this game eather be willing to shell out around 60$ USD to get everything that you dont have including the 5 DLs (( no C realy to any of them horse armour much ? ))

    or go online and search amazon or Ebay for an un used un opend un touched copy for around 5$ USD that will ammount to the same thing minus the DLs. witch are a whooping 10$USD each or if ur lucky u can get them on sale for 20$ USD though the steam/plastation/Xbox stores.

    on to weapons ,

    there is an army of weapons in this game. ranging from rockit launchers. to snipers. to SMGS ARs LMGs shot guns strange parasite infection guns and the unholy blue beam of life known as a BMG. (( the bain of all players due to errors in paritcle effects and lighting that has yet to be changed ))

    each weapon comes with 4 unluckable MOD slots so u can add stuf to your weapon. but the mods are limited by level and color. aswell as weapon type. there are some mods that dont go on one shot gun but can be put on another. where as the LMG, SMG ,ARs all share the same mod pool as well as ammo pool.

    if your like me and you like runing an AR and an SMG in games. dont bother here. youll waist more ammo then you will anything. as there ammo pools depleat the same ammo.

    other in game michanics that are broken .

    shortly after the release of DLC 5 there was a release of a system called threat level. this determed how hard and bad ass the enamys would be. it fell though the bottem and became the bain of every new players life.

    as you progress in ego levels the base threat level for you rises. once you reach max ego your base threat level is at a set 6 at all times. this is easy enough for most players to deal with but the max threat level is a 10.

    at a low ego such as 500 and freash of the fallen strato carryer your going to be in the thick of the threat level game befor you know it. due to this game being open world your going to be runing around with more then a few low level players your also going to be runing around with the high level players as well. when anywhere between 2-3 of thes high level players come into an area your threat level goes from a nice sweet 1-2 al the way up to a big evil 10 .

    what does this mean ?

    at threat level 1. it might take a low ego helf a clip ( 15-25 rounds ) to drop there standered enamy. this holds true for high egos in there own threat range. as well. but once that threat level reaches 10 the low ego player is going to be spending 2-5 clips of 50+ ammo on any given enamy just to drop the enamys sheald, this means that the game play is unbalanced and left open to heavy threat level greafing. where a high level player or 4 will sit in a well known low ego area and just raise the threat level makeing everything bullet spunges .


    inorder to gain all the egos needed to reach the current max ego level a player must at some point walk into PVP. it has not been confirmed fully that anyone hacks in there but cheep tactics and broken weapons that are known to be one shot kill guns are used in tandom with the proper ” perks ” (( the games form of passive and active skills )) and your suddenly a PVP god as long as you can aim.

    exspect to die alot at the hands of an ego 5900 player useing an rocket launcher. or someone useing a charged sniper rifle (( instent 1 hit KO )) as well as other cheep guns such as a single shot shot gun that will drop you with a chest shot at long range. like a sniper would. (( gun is also called a sluger ))

    and dont ever exspect to manage to get all the needed ego levels from pvp without being part of a clan. or haveing alot of friends that can help you acheve them. due to broken michanics in the game. the pvp vehical kills that one must get. are vertualy emposable without a voice chat. and 50 friends to help you do it.

    in game chat system .

    opted to be the most annoying thing in this game. the voice and typed chat systems are another one of the many draw backs of this game. the typed chat works fine. but how do you get a hole squade of people to work as one when none of them have it turned on helf the time ? due to spawm. consdent screaming froms selers and buyers. the chat system is pritty much just there to be there and take up hub space. the voice chat is farly the same. no one bothered to tell darth vader that push to talk. is much more polite. then just heavy breathing into the mic (( “”ppppshhhhhht ppppppppuuuuuu ppppssssshhhhhht ppppppppppuuuuu , luck i am your father ” ))

    all in all ill stop this review here. this game has given me well over 2 years of enjoyment and fun.

    but due to lack of entertaning things to do once you reach max ego level. and also due to the slow release of new content. and the consdent need to go to the in game currancy store for a quick gamble on a lock box that might give you a good item once the sun shines in hell.

    i give this game a small . 4 out of 10.

    trion games could of taken this game so fare. but thy trioned to hard. to do it.

  5. I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks so I’m no expert, but I have had lots of fun with it.
    Although I find it really fun, I also find a great many flaws.

    It really doesn’t have any ties to the show which doesn’t take away from the gameplay so no real worries there. It’s kind of like saying SWTOR is tied into the Star Wars movies because they exist in the same world (or galaxy as the case may be.)
    The game does not promote social interaction of any form on any level. I’ve noticed people chatting and think they just started, but they’ve been having like a 5 minute conversation and I just now notice since the window is 2 lines unless you’re active in it and I haven’t found any options to change that. The more people around fighting in the same area, the weaker you become. Solo I kill things with like 3 bullets and then a minute later a bunch of people show up and now I’m going through 50 rounds to kill the same thing.
    People talk about quests, but after the first area I haven’t really found any and I do nothing but repeatable things.
    The game world is pretty small.
    For the most part, damage stats on weapons are just there for show. I had one weapon that said 400 damage and another one that said 50 damage, the one that said 50 did way more damage than the one that said 400. Even when you add up rate of fire, reload time and magazine capacity it did not even come close to adding up.
    You don’t level up, you get higher EGO rating which is good for what level of weapons you can use (though it seems not to matter as you can only ever buy items your level or a little under and same thing applies to what drops.) This also open up slots for passive skills you can have active and use points you gain to pick out skills and level up on a skill tree like map thing, but in the end you’re limited to a certain number of active ones and they only have 3 levels.
    You can upgrade your weapons, but I find that by the time I’ve fully upgraded a weapon I get a new better one soon after.
    The view is odd, it’s one of those where your character is slightly to the left yet your aim in directly centered. You can’t move the camera separately from your character which doesn’t really effect gameplay.
    Not a ton of character customization, but enough I suppose. You get to pick a class or archetype or maybe they called it something else I can’t recall, the only thing this choice does is picks out your outfit.

    What can I say though, it’s a fun game with vehicles to drive around that is actually pretty fun on its own. Lots of different weapons to try out and choose from. Plenty to do, even if it is mostly just repeatable things. Critical hits are based on aim instead of random luck which is cool. I can’t see myself playing long term as I have with other games, but for now I’m having a blast playing Defiance.

    Even though I have a lot of bad things to say about this game, I have to say that if you like the format/type of game than I highly recommend checking this game out and give it a chance.


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