To celebrate the latest World of Warships update and the launch of Soviet battleships, MMOBomb and Wargaming have partnered up to get our users a free gift Pack Code with in-game items for World of Warships (new players only). Each code unlocks Premium Ships, Gold, 7 Days of Premium and more!

To unlock your code instantly you just need to complete all the steps on the top. Get your code now and conquer the seas!



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How to use your Key:

1. Go to the website at (EU) or for US. (Or click landing page link)
2. Click the “Create account” Button in the upper right hand corner (Or click Play Free button)
3. Enter your e-mail address in the appropriate fields
4. Click “Have an Invite code?” and insert the code provided. Click “Continue”
5. To activate your account, follow the instructions in the automatic confirmation e-mail that you will receive from the Team
6. Install the game client, launch it and enjoy your gift!

This key contains the following:

⦁ 200 Gold/Doubloons
⦁ 7 Days of Premium
⦁ Derzki and Bogatyr Soviet Ships
⦁ Diana Premium Soviet Ship
⦁ 20 Damage control party consumables


1. Each code can be redeem just once and each person cannot redeem more than one of these codes.
2. This code is for new players only and will not work for existing accounts.


Experience epic, free-to-play naval combat when you helm one of over 200 historic vessels in an exciting balance of strategy and real-time combat in World of Warships. Outfit your fleet with flags, camouflage, modifications, talented commanders, and more!



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