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About the game:
Title: 4story (Gates of Andaron)
Status: Released Graphics: 3d
Developer: Zemi Interactive
Publisher: Zemi Interactive

4Story (or Gates of Andaron for North America) is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with a visual style and interface design very similar to the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Three kingdoms are facing each other without a bit of yield, advocating each history and truth of those three kingdoms. One hero, who is born to figure out the truth that was buried in hundreds of thousands of years, is you who jumped into this world of chaos.

Join one of the three factions (Defugel, Craxion, Broa) and pick from three races (Fairy, Human, Werebeast) and six different classes (Assassin, Archer, Summoner, Priest, Warrior, Wizard).

The exciting and numerous quests offer a diversity of challenges and make 4Story (Gates of Andaron) a fun and compelling game to play. Expect hours of fun in this fantasy-themed free MMORPG. Explore the instanced dungeons with a party of guild and overcome perilous challenges to earn the more valuable rewards. Fight other players and receive prizes for your success. The player group battles use a simple and effective real-time strategic command system, allowing you to command armies of up to 49 players. Lead your faction to victory, issuing important commands and analyzing the events in the battlefield.

Explosive Features:

  • Player Vs Player / Realm Vs Realm.
  • Lots of quests.
  • Instant Dungeon.

Featured Video

System Requirements

4story Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Pentium4 1.6GHz or better
Memory Ram: 512MB Free
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: Geforce FX5700 128MB

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  1. i played this game for about 4 years after its release, it was incredibly fun but once they added the 3rd kingdom it all went to sh*t.
    the prices went crazy lots of people stopped playing, a place like the first map where i used to be all the time chatting with friends and selling things now is abandonned.
    Basically after the 3rd kingdom the game lost its magic at least to my eyes.
    i tried coming back several times but i just couldnt get back into it, but the memories of the people i met and the fights and tournaments and the explorations i had still remain and i wish i could find another game that would get me as invested as this did.

  2. If you are looking for a game that has an amazing story line and quests to complete you are looking at the wrong game. BUT, if you are searching for a game with really fun PvP, this is the game for you. I would highly recommend any new or returning players to instead try to find a private server that has a decent population. The PvP is amazing and theres not much difference in gear so players don’t get a huge advantage.

  3. As far as i know this game has merged it’s servers with the Zemi Inc Global Server to try and help it’s declining population,
    This game also requires alot of money to upgrade items,
    Especially since the increased the Level caps to 140 and increased the upgrade cap from +24 to +28
    The only way to possibly have a chance in the PvP aspect of the game is to upgrade your items.
    (unless you find a good group of skilled players that have previously)
    Saying that it is very expensive to upgrade your items is no understatement,
    I know players that sunk 5-10 thousand easy.(this was before cap increase)
    It is possible to get half dent gear in trades for gold that you made in the game( if your willing to sink numerous hours on end repeating the same thing over and over)
    The community in general is fairly greedy also and don’t provide alot of assistance to the new players.
    If it wasnt that it was so expensive to upgrade your items this would be an excellent game.
    I really wouldn’t recommend this game to someone that is looking for a good balanced f2p game ,
    4Story is the truest definition of Pay2Win there is.

    • Sadly, 4story isn’t as good as the zemi servers that once existed.. 4Story is much easier and when the switch happened from zemi to to 4Story the game lost most of it’s comunity. If the zemi servers were still around today your opinion would totally different. I feel sorry for those of you that missed out on a great game

  4. the game is realy stupid and has gone down hill they need to make it easier to upgrade instead you get something to 5 it fails to 6 but with a tincture and the rest the crap u are lucky to get +18

    • yeah i was playing 4s 5 years ago in greek server…that was a problem…and most of the player find cheats to do +24…so when the gameforge understand that losing money they put anti hack shield…its hard to do upgrades to earn money

  5. Hello, I seem to be having a problem…It lag’s horribly, but I can play game’s like WoW on high with no lag….Is this a common issue with the game?

  6. digo que deberian sacar un juego d mmo con mas pvp dificil no tan caro y que sea de mejoramiento! pero que sea d algo diferente ya los de poderes y habilidades estan cansados tiene q ser mas real.! no se deberian hacer estudios encuestas y cosas asi y no sacar juegos tan malos!

  7. LOL This game’s it’s DOPE, so guy’s wanna gimme tip’s how to get stronger I would like to get to know ur guy’s in the game’s if u still playing, my first time’s so i didn’t know how to play this game If u could helped me that’s great 🙂

  8. It´s not worthy to play this Game. Cause there are a lot of other games F2P and they are much better then this game.
    I know why i say this, cause i played it from the beginning.

  9. Who cares about that shit?!
    PS3, PS4, Xbox… One ridicoulus!
    That game isn’t MMO anyway.
    Just answer my questions, but You can’t jerks!

  10. Anyone to answer me?
    I’m rather downloading from global page Zemi Interactive,
    I experienced that’s server or better than UK’s.
    The game freezes for a few seconds on Eu server, which didn’t
    appear to me in USA/Canada server I don’t know why!
    If I play on this server they will ban my account, or
    my IP Adress? Please help me!

  11. Hello! I tried 4Story, and I like the characters!
    I’m from Hungary, Europe but I played Zemi’s not Gameforge’s version.
    On a gamesite (I can’t remember clearly which one) there was
    a phrase “Try to download and play the game in Your location, on the closest server due to less
    slow gaming experience.” So should I change and download EU version?
    I would do that, at least the site is in ENGLISH!! Not like gpotato’s @&#% german language for all their games that available in Europe! Please answer me normally, as I see a bunch of perfect idiots are here, too. I don’t need them in my life!
    Thank You!

  12. Its a fun game If you know how to trade good you can have a good gear.
    Game gave limits to +24 and you can find +16 items just in a day.
    İn a month you can make +18 item set
    And after a year If you know how to trade and grind gold everyday,You will have +20 or +22 gear set which is enough to kill anything.
    (also a note,Its really easy to play archer-wizard-priest classes,they dont need much item to play ,
    But If you wanna be a warrior,you need some good gears to pwn people.BCS warrior is a slow ass class You can beat people in 1 vs 1 but when you re in a big battle you need armors and a good shield+ 1h sword in order to get close to enemies.
    Also I must say that playing warrior is fun people think its nerfed but warrior is really OP if you know how to play in 4story.
    You can play a warrior as hybrid so with 1 skill you can switch to tank or berzerker which is really great.)

  13. every time i try to make an account it says id check after i click join i click the id check button and it doesnt work still any suggestions?

  14. Great pvp game in comparison to some of the other F2P games out there. I tried WoW and GW2 and the pvp in this game beat both of them.

    Upside – Area Conquest wars are once a day, and they are big battles between factions and guilds. Being in a good group of players will allow you to compete without being an elite player right away. Even after years of playing, there is always a piece of gear you are looking to upgrade or a guild/alliance to build to take the pvp to the next level.

    Downside – It does take effort to get to a competitive level, though there are ways to make it happen without spending money in the cash shop. Players usually do not enjoy leveling, but they do enjoy building their toons. Though the PvE aspect of the game may get boring, the PvP never will.

  15. I have played WoW for many years. I joined this game with some friends who already played the game for many years, awesome epic armors and they had a lot of money in the game so an easy start…Its mainly pvp,pve is boring and the quest are often to be repeated to actually get what you need, this is far from WoW, but its free.If you never played wow play the trial for a week or so and then play this game for a week.You will see…And if you think WoW isnt free,its free, you download your Torrent and go on private servers or just pay for it and buy the retail game.

  16. Gates of Andaron in the last few months has changed drastically, with the new content added, level cap increased to 93, new zones, new UI, new pets and many more features. The game does revolve around Player vs Player fighting with daily, weekly and monthly PvP events.

    Also GameForge added several gold sinks into the game and has a done a great job of bringing the game economics back down into a reasonable rage for the average player.

    The factional balance seems to be also developing well with the Gor faction being utilized to help even out the numbers.

  17. Great game, they have added quite alot of content recently and have “upped” the graphics a bit, meaning I can no longer play this anymore, bummer.

  18. Been playing this game for ages now, I would highly recommend it to anyone, new or old to the MMO world this game is worth paying for, if it wasn’t free to play.

  19. This game SUCKS. Like many of the people have said above, this game is massively repetitive, boring, and out outrageously priced. If you are the person to spend 1000$ on a crappy graphics based mmorpg to be sufficient enough to compete once at lvl 80, then you are quite the fool. I would rather save money on bullets and shoot my self in the head.

  20. 4story was a great game but now, i played for 5 years and with the new expansions its to boring to lvl up, so i recomend playing WoW instead of 4story.

  21. I am a player of this game, the Gates of Andaron, is heavily dis-balanced, because of the gold inflation, prices are very high, a few glitches here and there, the game needs the patch from the 4story.de that allows you to buy with gold -> cash items.

    It’s a beautiful game tho, graphics are medium>high, it eats a lot of CPU even if you have a quad-core or something like that.

    Also it has cool armor effects, which make the game more unique, it has poor management (talking about GoA), but if you ignore all that, it turns into a cool social game 🙂

    • Ive played 4story global server, UK server and GoA. Game is interesting but i can say that ONLY UK servers have reasonable prices. Prices in GoA are way to high and in global are also high. If you have problems with high prices in GoA i recommend switching to UK server even if that means starting all over again (except if you didnt buy moonstones in GoA).

  22. well from my 2 years of playing this game(the us virsion) i’ll give you ppl a real review

    the gameplay of 4story is similar to other mmorpgs just click and spam skill and click and spam other skill then quest done get new quest well thats the basic gameplay but the game has wars between the 2/3 factions and there are many ppl just sitting around pvping in the main area so the gameplay isnt all that boring

    the graphics is similar to WoW but somewhat different. I would say that the graphics aren’t THE best in the whole world but the graphics is pretty good at least in my opinion

    skill system:
    each class has a skill tree with 3 different types of skill tree focusing on different things for example if you make a summoner class you get to have 1 skill tree with skills focusing on your summoner skills and 1 other skill tree focusing on self defense skills

    the race and class in 4story is unique for the most part. each different race and class combinations can give you a benefit or a disadventure such as being a fairy archer might lower your damage. anywayz each class is pretty different from each class

    the quest system is somewhat irritating. the fact that you only get to do some of the main quests every 10 levels is what irritates me. if you are asking then how will players level up between those 10 levels then the answer is repeat quests. at a certain level you get a few quest that you can repeat but once you finished most of the storyline quests given to you at that time then the only quest you can do to level up is the repeat quests.

    as i have said before in the game at a certain time each day there will be locations where a large boss appears. the faction which kills that large boss gains control of that territory but even if a faction gains a territory the other faction can still come into the territory and kill the members of the other faction to get ap points; ap points are spend to get items which is required for epicly cool looking and powerful gears.

    now this is where the company grabs the most money enhancing a item +5 and over can destroy the item but the in the cashshop you can buy an item to won’t destroy your item if your item fails the enhancement +5 and over.


  23. This looks just like WoW which im trying to get AWAY from, since ive played it for 3 years, does look like a intresting ui, will still try it out.

  24. This game turns into repeatable quest city after lvl 8ish. So if thats your thing this is perfect for you, but otherwise I’d try to find another game. Not to say it didn’t give me some fun with the interesting classes, but definitely burns you out quick.

  25. This is an interesting title it’s not exactly breaking down the doors of new in format being how in general it is a WoW clone.Overall tho the gameplay is fun not overly difficult to grab the learning curve, their seems to be a fairly decent population on, the normal range of classes and at least 4 races I can remember. Skills and talents and WoW like, word of advice pick a char that can AoE (area of attack) spell the game favours that style of play. Basically: “Unless your a cash store player or have a set group steer clear of the warrior”.

    Warning–The localization to english is terrible the sounds in general are the weakest part of the game.

      • HE could be stating for new people what aoe means. And it means that it does damage in an area. Tell a noob AoE and say Area of Effect still wont help them……. I guess people have to be a critic these days.

          • joe if you dont know what new player means perhaps you shouldnt comment back to someone talking about them. There are new gamers every day and someone doesnt just buy a game and suddenly every term is learned with the transaction, it takes time for players to learn this stuff joe. Just because you have played games for half of your life or more doesnt mean everyone has.

          • First time I heard AoE I googled what it meant. It said “AoE means Area of Effect” I understood what it meant. If you’re a new gamer and you don’t know what it means then you’re either a slow learner or mentally retarded.

          • And By The Way Doesitmatterisstupid, Dont Call People Retards When you have to spell You’re “Ur” Dumbass

        • “HE could be stating for new people what aoe means. And it means that it does damage in an area.” Hmmm…Unless the “Effect” is a heal spell or buff. Teach them correctly from the start so they don’t have to relearn things, later, that they learned wrong the first time.


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