In the upcoming Elemental Evil module for Cryptic Studios’ Neverwinter, two iconic characters will be making an appearance and fighting alongside players as they stem the tides of evil. We had a chance to chat with Randy Mosiondz, Senior Game Designer, about the implementation of Minsc & Boo.

Magicman (MM): First off, can you introduce yourself to our readers and give us a peek at what you do day to day while working on Neverwinter?

Randy Mosiondz (RM): Certainly! My name is Randy Mosiondz, and I am a Senior Game Designer at Cryptic Studios. I work on Neverwinter as a Content Designer and “Loremaster” for the game. I’m in charge of wrangling the story bits of Neverwinter, working with Wizards of the Coast and our team to ensure our work fits D&D/Forgotten Realms canon, working with the audio team for quests and localization, and building content for the game as a whole.

MM: Minsc & Boo. For those that know, no other words are necessary, but for those that don’t who is this duo and where do they come from?

RM: Minsc & Boo are favorite characters originally featured in the Baldur’s Gate series of computer games set in the Forgotten Realms. Minsc is a very large, but friendly ranger from the Rasheman area of Faerûn. He’s known for his simple but exuberant philosophy towards the crushing of evil in all its forms. He is accompanied by his animal companion, Boo, who Minsc refers to as a, “miniature giant space hamster.” Minsc often interprets Boo’s keen insights into the common tongue for the benefit of others. The result is a great series of one-liners that have made the duo a fan favorite for years:

“Butt-kickin’ for goodness!”

“This behavior must not continue. Feel the burning stare of my hamster and change your ways.”

“A den of stinking evil. Cover your nose Boo! We will leave no crevice untouched! “

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, watch it! I’m huge. “

“Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!! “

MM: Why was the Elemental Evil module the right time to add these iconic characters?

RM: Minsc & Boo are fairly iconic to the Baldur’s Gate series of games, but we don’t have any plans to touch those areas of the Realms anytime soon. However, with the release of IDW’s new Forgotten Realms comic featuring Minsc & Boo, we thought it would be great to re-introduce these characters into Neverwinter!

MM: How do Minsc & Boo factor into the new story line being added in this module?

RM: When you come to Protector’s Enclave in Neverwinter, you’ll notice druids of the Emerald Enclave have set up a massive mystical tree in the middle of the main plaza. Archdruid Morningdawn explains that great unnatural elemental disturbances are cropping up around the Sword Coast, and they need heroes to help investigate. As a ranger forsworn to uphold goodness, Minsc is there to help the cause!

MM: Minsc & Boo are NPCs, but is there any chance we could be tagging along with them on an adventure?

RM: You bet! After the Archdruid voices her concerns, she sends you off to meet with Minsc who accompanies you on a series of quests to find the source of elemental disturbances.

MM: What surprises lie in store for players as they are introduced to this duo?

RM: You’ll find that Minsc & Boo are powerful allies! But the Cults of Elemental Evil are forces to be reckoned with as well. As the plot unfolds you’ll learn about what the cults are up to and where there strongholds lie across the Sword Coast. Then it will be up to you to wage war against the four Prophets of Elemental Evil!

Our thanks to Randy for taking time out to chat with us. Look for the Elemental Evil module to be released for Neverwinter on April 7th.

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Thank you Neverwinter for showing all of us why pre order packs are an awful idea, and not creating your cash shop properly, you saved us all from actually spending money on your game, and have warned us to the dangers of giving in to pre-order hype.

    • its really not pay to win lol iv never spent money and i have all the top gear i mean sure if you pay cash you can get astral diamonds to get gear sooner but that would cost you alot of cash i also have most of the useful stuff in shop by selling my highend stuff i dont need. so explain.


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