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Looking for free Games like Wizard101 to play in 2022?

We've got you covered below you can find an updated list with the best free to play MMORPG games similar to Wizard101 based on identical features including gameplay, mechanics and other related characteristics.

Several features found on Wizard101 have also been found on these 2 MMORPG games:

Atlantica Online - Atlantica Online travels back to the roots of traditional RPGs and blends classic turn-based combat with gripping strategy elements. The tactical combat present in this free MMORPG is a major attribute and one that is captivating players from all over the world!
Pirate 101 - Pirate101 is a 3D Pirate MMORPG where players must embark on a journey to become a renowned pirate. Players will be able to choose from 5 unique pirate themed classes each with their own unique starter companion and abilities.

Pirate 101