Wizard101 is a 3D Wizard MMORPG which is very much influence by Harry Porter. Here a player is considered as a student of Ravenwood School of Magic Arts, which belongs to a fictional town known as Wizard valley. When a player gets admission in the school, he has to choose one of the seven schools of thoughts as in Kung Fu. These school o thoughts or styles are Fire, Ice, Storm, Life, Death, Myth and balance.

The developers have made the game play like a story, where you enter and do things as introduced by the head master of the school. All the customization is done through the initial chat with head master. Once you complete the tutorial, you are introduced to the wizard city or more properly the area of commons.

Wizard101 offers a Free Trial that never ends! Remember though, subscribers are allowed to complete Wizard City and explore all the far off worlds. Despite the fact that the game is not free and items also needed to buy at certain times but still the game is really good to play. It is a game which can easily be differentiated among other so many MMORPGs.

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KingsIsle Entertainment
KingsIsle Entertainment
Release Date
September 02, 2008
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Latest Updates

Spiral Showcase, Portal of Peril, Rate My Stitch, Myth Deckathalon, Pet Promenade, and Beastmoon Hunt/Monster Mayhem.

1 month ago

It's not multiplayer, but we wanted to let you know anyways.

2 months ago

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2 or higher


512 Megabytes


5 Gigabytes


1GHz Intel Processor


GeForce 2 or equivalent

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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DO NOT PLAY (warnning) 6 years ago
Reason is back in 2012 I started playing, free to play until level 10. I bought a membership and did so for a year, however, I cancelled it but they charged my mother's card again. (DIDNT GET BABBNED). We got a refund and I quit for awhile. Now fast forward to 2015 when i played again, I bought a other 1 year membership and I made SURE I cancelled it before it expired Sept. 9 2016 I even remember that date it was said to expire. So anyways.. my mom lost her card she used for that account, cancelled it and got a new one in the mail, but no big deal since I cancelled the membership right? WRONG. I logged on 2 weeks later and i got an error ive been banned. I sent in a ticket asking why and fhey claim i stole membership from them. (Now i havent played since expiration soo i dont know how.) So I told them since we didn't give them the money to just take the membership off the account and in ban the account, I even state d how I cancelled renewal. They claimed I didn't cancel it and requested I send in $50 check through mail from east coast to CALIFORNIA. that would be a month, even so it take extra time to process!(in all honesty I've never heard of this before...sending a check?) But they added they would give me a year of membership, what a joke! I told them to keep my 110 account and they are scammers!
Just to update everyone wanting to know, I've sent in another ticket but they see I've opened one two/three years ago. STILL REQUESTING 50 THROUGH THE MAIL.

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GasMaster 7 years ago
This was a very fun game for the short time you could play the F2P area. Drop the whole membership bulls**t and just go F2P with added in-game shop things. This game could become a lot bigger then it is now. Maybe gain a player base of serious gamers above the age of 10. The commercials stopped airing long ago, How are they going to get kids to whine to their parents to buy this for them now?

P.S They're not.
But yea, Very good game for the short free time.

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IamSTAR 8 years ago
this game is basically pay to do anything. I've played this game when I was little and once when i was 14 or 15 to see if anything has changed. They keep adding new stuff but you can only access other places with real money. I suggest just buying the areas instead of getting a membership.

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Kyle 9 years ago
I have been playing this game since the release and it is still fairly fun for me. You would think that this game is completely for 5 year olds, but it really isn't. All of the 5 year olds don't make it past about level 50 and from there on out its all older players (mostly adults and teenagers). The higher levels of the game are definitely a challenge and take a lot of strategy and thinking. I recommend this game for anyone who is willing to pay a $10 membership, as this game is very addicting and very rewarding.

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Chuckvs 9 years ago
Played this game for 6 years. 9/10 Great MMO for kids.

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NumberVIII 10 years ago
Harry Porter?

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kick-ass 10 years ago
this game kicked ass!!!

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pls man 10 years ago
pls give me link or at least true video for a hack or etc i can't pay money becouse my parents don't have that PayPal credit card ( and again i am bulgarian ) they said they would buy me but they can't pls tell me more about "missing from internet" and links for eventualy working hacks

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Me :P 10 years ago
I hate this game...! i used to love it i played free version, i was looking for hacks but all comes to end! i heard comments "it worked thx" and i was so sad becouse it NEVER worked for me! they maked it before 4 YEARS AGO and its still pay to play :| ! kingsisle suck ;) no one must play that game

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Eric 10 years ago
i been playing this game for 5 years.I mean i don't mind about ranked pvp or whatever that membership has to offer but atleast i can i get through the story for free!I stuck in firecat alley and cyclops lane.Iwant to have membership but it pointless spending money on games. i'm not fron america btw so it cost 4 times than the usual price here.

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Rokiller 10 years ago
i am only level 16 :(
any giveaways for wizard 101 please gamebomb?

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ugurano 10 years ago
this game its pay to win

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Metal energy 11 years ago
Forgot the "t" in "laptop".;)

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Metal Energy 11 years ago
I really like this game(^ ^),but my darn brother deflated it on my la pop.:(

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shangtsung123 11 years ago
How is this influenced by harry franklin porter he not do witchcraft so i think the review was mistyped

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Pheregrim 11 years ago
"Wizard101 is a 3D Wizard MMORPG which is very much influence by Harry Porter." who the balls is Harry Porter?

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gamejunkie 11 years ago
I played this game also. For a good while. The game is aimed for kids do to the huge chat filter. The game is technicaly free to a certain extent. It does not take long to get through the free content, so you have to pay RL cash to unlock the rest of the game. If you don't mind questing with 6 and 8 year olds mostly then it is a unique game to try.

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Gor2k 11 years ago
This game is amazing. Choose your class and head straight into battle! Yes free to play is VERY limited, but membership is only like $8 so its not a very big deal. Im 21 years old and play this every day. I highly recommend it for hardcore gamers (mainly once your a decent level and can fight the better bosses into the story)

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Powerslave 11 years ago
Not just for kids, im 41 and i play every day. Sometimes with my ten year old when he needs help. Yes you need to pay membership to really enjoy it, and have money for crowns. Very addictive when buying crowns to buy packs. I have spent over 100 bucks on myself and 75 for my kid. But we got some way cool armor and mounts.

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Ali~ 11 years ago
A great game for all ages(: NEW CONTENT ADDED. Although, I would like more free content. I am a member, so I have all areas, but I wish they would give more opportunities to get crowns.

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-_- 11 years ago
This game isn't for kids only, im 22 and i love playing this game! But if you really want to enjoy, you have to buy some crowns!

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Peacefull53 11 years ago
i tried this when i was 9 years old, and now its boring >.> (btw im 12 now)

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ThatOneDude 11 years ago
I play this game from time to time, But I play for FREE and like everyone says if your playing for FREE there is no point. The only PROS for the FREE players is you get to compete in "PRACTICE" pvp and Unicorn Way is full of monsters but all lvl 1 and 1 shot they die.. So if you really like a game like this i prefer playing it on a MEMBERSHIP or atleast buy 750 crowns to unlock all the areas.

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ZAG 12 years ago

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Feirel 12 years ago
This game is men't for kids so why the hell is it on MMOBomb?

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12 years ago
nice game but for kids

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gpkbq69vvw 12 years ago
This game is perfect for kids and a great introduction unless your serious of your mmo gaming well play something else I don't think it's bad but it is for kids so yay. Good mmorpg for kids to start with.

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kety0k62 13 years ago
A good game that stands out due to its family-friendliness.
The battles, story and characters are fun.
Negative point is that there is relatively few free content and not much to do after completing it.

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