UPDATE, Sept. 22: Activision has denied that Call of Duty accounts have been compromised, saying that the reports “are not accurate.” It advises players to take precautions to protect their accounts and referred players to the security tips page on its website.

ORIGINAL STORY: Over half a million Activision accounts have had their personal information leaked following a major hack. Various sources are confirming the news and suggesting players change their passwords, as well as unlinking their accounts from other games and services that might be linked to their Activision accounts.

According to Dexerto, hackers are logging into the Activision games, including Call of Duty: Warzone and then changing their account details so the original owners can’t get access. Also, because some people use the same passwords across multiple games (and other services), you should change your password to something unique so that it can’t be used to allow access to your other accounts.



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