Norwegian developer Fifth Season AS announced today that its sci-fi real time strategy game AD2460 will be changing from “persistent” to “round-based”. This change is based on feedback received from the game’s community which offered a variety of suggestions designed to save the game following a closure announcement back in October.

AD2460’s player base rallied after the company made the announcement, coming up with a list of ideas, one of which is the change to the round-based system. Another is for the company to add more value for the money players are spending in game such as advantages in build and research times — although they don’t want the game to go Pay to Win.

Fifth Season AS will be making the change in a little under two weeks on December 6th. More information on AD 2460 is available on the official game site.

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    • Not anymore. They just Hack, Exploit, Scam, Abuse Report.
      Respect no longer exist. it the reason why the whole gaming Community can’t get over with there Grudges up to this year 2016. It will only get worse as time by.

    • I am not sure if you are a troll or just ….

      These so called free to play ( try ) games are an abomination. It is just a scam so no reason to be thankful for that.

  1. I don’t think AD2460 is a p2w game.
    They offer a VIP-package which costs about 5$ for a month. From the manual:

    The V.I.P. pack is a simple solution for anyone who wishes to add a little extra to their AD2460 experience. by purchasing a V.I.P. pack you become a V.I.P for 30 days. During this time many of the credit features in the game become free.
    This is what you get in the 30 days you are V.I.P.:
    – All renaming is free.
    – All commander customization is free.
    – All wargames are free to issue.
    – Choose a custom icon shown in chat, player info and forums.
    – Choose your own chat name color.
    – You build ships 20% faster
    – You can send fleets to defend allied homeworlds
    – Homeworld planet visual selection is free.
    The V.I.P. period lasts 30 days from the time of purchase. Once the V.I.P. period is over, you are reverted to normal. You can then choose to upgrade back to V.I.P. again whenever you want.

  2. you know I don’t understand how players can say they don’t want the game to be pay to win… but they want faster building and research time decreases. Pay to win is where you drop money on something and win at the game or reach the highest end game content. This talk of items that give boosts for premium currency is worse. Never anything good in free to play games anymore.


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