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Aeria Games is going to stream for 24 hours straight starting early Friday morning, cycling through its stable of games and donating proceeds from the event to charity.

Starting at 3 a.m. PST on Friday, March 11, Community Manager Chris “CM_Cryss” Leonhart and his staff will play Dawn of Gods, Echo of Soul, Aura Kingdom, A.V.A., S4 League, and Dragomon Hunter for 24 hours straight. (Sorry, Scarlet Blade.)

You can watch the stream at a special Twitch channel set up for the event and submit donations via a page set up on the GameBlast16 website. The donations will go to Special Effect, a charity that helps people with physical disabilities experience the joy of computer and video games.


  1. Trying to improve their public image huh.
    Then, all the hate towards them must be having an ill effect… good, very good. ^^)

  2. They go on the games they have standing in. Yet they’ve ignored Aion. Shame. Guess they don’t want to get gank-spanked by everyone. Heh.

  3. They are the worst company in my experience,
    Played 12Sky2 when they published it from the start, spent around 1-1500$ first year, another 300$ 2nd year, and then they decided to stop the game, so they put it out there to play for 1.5-2years tops
    They wanted to give Aeria Points to the people who had spent AP in 12Sky2 for the last 2months refund for a “new” Aeriagames …

    Well, if that’s not a scam company, what or who is
    Who the hell publishes a game for only 2years and treats their customers like that

    • I’ve been playing various Aeria games for 7 or so years, and have never seen anything that makes them much worse than any other f2p publisher. This Aeria hate bandwagon is kind of hilarious. They know people don’t like what they do, and they don’t care, it’s how they make money. Crying about it is like crying about a specific telemarketing company. They don’t care, and neither does anyone else.

      • i am not sure if you are a shill, troll or just retarded. aeria is nothing but a pathetic company that is all about scaming people. i spit on them and on little fa-ggots like you. peace.

      • i am not sure if you are a shill, tr-oll or just reta-rded. aeria is nothing but a pathetic company that is all about scaming people. i sp-it on them and on little fa-ggots like you. peace.

        • Dude, please. Kill yourself. The human race doesn’t need garbage like you who act all tough on the internet. We all know that the only thing you gonna spit at is your willy when you spank it to your animated 13-year olds.

          • you should kill yourself for imagining a 13 year old boy spiting on their willy you dam sick freak.

      • They obiously care, otherwise they would not go out of their way to do charity events in an attempt to improve their catastrophal – yet well deserved – image.

        What IS hilarious is the fact that people of newer generations seem to enjoy the taste of corporate cocks so much that they feel the need to jump in to the defense of the side that does not need any more than it already has, with no benefit for you, the idiot who decides to take this paradox action of idiocy.

        • I’m not defending anyone. I don’t care about Aeria Games. What I’m saying (which obviously went way over your head) is that this whole “cry about Aeria Games every time they are mentioned” bandwagon , is stupid, and nobody cares about how Aeria supposedly touched you inappropriately. Every single major F2P publisher has a similarly whiny group of haters claiming it is so much worse than the others, when they’re all exactly the same.
          Who is it really that seems to “enjoy the taste of corporate cocks” as you put it, the guy who has never once been “scammed” by a f2p publisher because he’s not an idiot, or the people who have let these publishers f*ck them so many times its actually affected them emotionally?


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