“No man should live in chains,” proclaims Conan the Barbarian in the new, upcoming Hollywood production set to release later this year. With the words of the most legendary fantasy hero of all time in mind, Funcom today released an all-new, free-to-play version of its critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online game titled “Age of Conan: Unchained”. The new version replaces the existing version of the game, and players everywhere will now be able to freely explore the sexy, savage, and brutal world of Hyboria with their friends – and enemies.

“After 1.4 million copies sold, having experienced fantastic critical acclaim, and still to this day going strong with a large active player base embarking on thousands of daily adventures, there is no doubt that ‘Age of Conan’ has made a significant impact on the online gaming genre,” says Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Morten Larssen. “The great potential provided by the hybrid business model, and with the ever growing interest for free-to-play games, bringing ‘Age of Conan’ into this market is undoubtedly the logical next step for the title.”

Players now get to choose whether they want to experience the free offering, or become a Premium member with access to even more game content. An in-game store also allows both free players and Premium members to purchase in-game goods such as weaponry and mounts. For more detail about the differences between the free and Premium offering, visit the new ‘Age of Conan: Unchained’ website at http://www.ageofconan.com/playfree.


  1. hey bro chill,this game suks,90€ a year to play this shit?fk no lol get a life,you talk like you are a gm there,if you are,well this game suks 🙂 premium users my ass,you whould get more money by using cash shop items.

  2. Played for a day but then stopped as mentioned already the F2P part of it sucks as to much is locked out including a warrior class since when does a MMORPG not have a warrior class from the start, not worth a download imo unless your willing to spend real money in the store or buy a sub.

    • You obviously dont know how the game works… WArrior class? DERP All the melee characters are warrior classes? Wtf do you use a generic title LIKE WARRIOR CLASS FOR. Learn the game. Guardian is boring but is good tank lot guild need more. Barbarian is pretty beastly Demonologist is good. Healer sucks. I understand the free play model sucks but It’s more of a trial anyway. Atleast you no longer have to buy the game then buy the subscription? now you can just pay the subscription fee then play. If you don’t like it dont play it we don’t want piss ant 10 year old playing anyway.

      • hey bro chill,this game suks,90€ a year to play this shit?fk no lol get a life,you talk like you are a gm there,if you are,well this game suks 🙂 premium users my ass,you whould get more money by using cash shop items

  3. This game is AWESOME! I can’t stop playing now, but sadly most of the options in character creation are for premium users… Get it more f2p than now… Do like Blizzards’ doing and cancel the level cap.

  4. No it dosn’t worth the w8 for DL , good classes are bloked you need to pay for premium , ok this sucks the classes that are f2p are unballanced and are very weak …. the good classes like assassin and mage type classes are bloked .,..

  5. I dont like the fact taht the Free to play model is so shitty, there are 12 classes and as free user you can only play 4 classes -.-

  6. Is it really 25gb? The patcher says its downloading 7.51gb so how can it be 25? I don’t need to worry because I have more then plenty of space but still that is massive, plus with my current low speed internet this download will take me to around 12pm. Pleas don’t tell me I’m gonna have lag because I play a wide variety of online games and I have minimal lag in every game.

      • You could give a chance, cause more than 90% of the blocked stuff is end game, u will have time to think if u are going to pay or not.

        • You get about 6-9 bag spaces which means from the very beginning of the game your bags are full no matter what you do. You can’t play about 65% of the classes or the race with the last expansion either. There are more restrictions at the beginning of this game then they mention for some reason, on their site. (It’s to be expected honestly as with any F2P game, I just don’t know why their own site doesn’t specifically point them out.)

  7. Is anyone having problems accessing the AoC website? I keep getting “Site Error: Unable to Load Site Preferences; No Preferences Found”.

  8. They could have thougth of an optional downloading tipe like the one Everquest 2 had, for you know, people whitout high internet speed but still wants to play.

  9. 26GB client?! That even beats WoW. I’m not the one to complain about the sizes but damn, gotta make some room now.

    • High def graphics with DX10 support (who knows, maybe DX11 if game progresses well on the F2P road?), huge landscapes….all comes with a price.


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