Chapter 8 of Webzen’s free-to-play sanbox MMO, Age of Wulin, is on its way. A press release sent out today revealed that the update — titled Uncharted World — is slated for March 8. The expansion will bring a wide variety of new content, including 8 new regions; more than doubling the size of the game world. The new regions will introduce deserts, vast grasslands, snowy regions, and fortresses of stone.

Also included will be a new game mode, 6 secret areas, a housing system, and more. The new game mode will allow players to manage a character’s constitution, hunger, and thirst; for those who want to make things even more challenging.

The housing system is “complete and elaborate” according to the announcement. It allows players to pick out the style and size of their houses; and boast more than 100 different types of furniture that will grant them and their allies buffs.

More information on the expansion can be found on the Age of Wulin site.

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  1. Big update, a bit overdue but very welcome now that they have set a date! Something for most player types it seems explorer or PvP fighter! Gonna be interesting to see how it plays out !


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