Age of Wulin Heavens Ascent - 02

If you’re looking for a more rewarding PvP experience in Age of Wushu (or Wulin), Webzen and Snail Games have you covered. The new Heaven’s Ascent content patch goes live today for English servers and adds a new ladder tournament mode to the Heaven’s Arena, with fabulous loot to match the challenge.

Players can queue for a tournament five times per day (10 for Jianghu VIPs) and partake in 1v1, best two-out-of-three matches with five-minute timers. Each victory raises your standing in the tournament, which runs for a month, after which the top players will receive rewards, including a flying mount for the top-ranked player. All players will earn points that they can use to acquire various other items, such as skill books and material.

Heaven’s Ascent also introduces Class-06 gear, which can be acquired in a number of different ways, including crafting or exemplary service to their sect. And, just in case you forgot, AoW’s got an expansion, Warrior’s Journey, planned for June, which will add new competitions and challenges.


  1. I’ve played just about every Asian game you can name from Chrono Tigger onwards and i’m a huge Final Fantasy fan. In for the Asian market but this game does not cut it for me, sorry.

  2. Guys, anyone who hasn’t played this before, I really suggest giving this game a try. To this day it’s pretty much the most popular MMO in China and there’s a reason to that. It has sooo much character and the community is fantastic on Wulin. Wushu (american) community is kinda “meh” as far as I’ve heard, but still! It’s a terrific game, lads.

    • It’s a decent game but you have to be really committed to be any good against paying players; the difference is astonishing.


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