Albion Aurelius

It’s a big day for Albion Online, as the sandbox title has released a huge patch that adds loads of PvE content to the game, as well as a meaty batch of quality-of-life improvements.

Named “Aurelius,” the first patch since the game’s closed beta started two weeks ago adds three new types of Keeper-themed dungeons, found in 23 locations throughout the game. There are three new bosses and three new enemy types to be slain, and players will have 10 new spells and abilities to make that slaying a little bit easier. To get in the festive spirit of the season, there’s also a new boss, Uncle Frost, who roams the dungeons and drops a Christmas hat.

In addition to the content, Sandbox Interactive is making a number of other small, but helpful, tweaks to the game. There are now multiple chat channels, and you can move with a right-click, to avoid accidentally clicking on something — monster or resource node — to interact with. There’s also better visibility for spells once they become ready and on character portraits to determine if they’re in combat.

You can check out the full update here.

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  1. SirButterScotch on December 9, 2015

    Whats worse the game doesn’t even work for a few hundred people like myself the game goes to an endless black screen i got to play 4 hours before it booted me out. There Support said they have no idea and im on my own i have great internet and system everything is updated. I never got to really play the game they will not fix the problem or do a refund . 100s of us have asked for an eta on a fix and they have no said anything. I dont think they care they got our money now we can suck it. Its been two weeks i check everyday and no fix. It goes from login screen to character and then black screen so stupid super pissed!

  2. Max on December 9, 2015

    u know what I don’t wanna play this game any more , their betas and their way of milking the money out of you is so stupid and retarded .

  3. awlkapwn on December 9, 2015

    if you would have been following the game you would know its in CBT right now. you wont have to pay for open beta. its your option to pay for alpha and cbt.

    • Preciel on December 9, 2015

      it’s actually retarded how the gaming market milks off their alpha, cbt phase when it’s supposed to be a testing phase to find bugs and glitches..

      • NGoHT on December 10, 2015

        Whats even worse is that some actually bite on the milking bait and pay to test the game for them. Sheeps.

  4. ryan on December 9, 2015

    still not ftp in cbt or obt. punk as.s companies only wnan offer you a buy in on a game they got up constantly just so you can test out the fkd up sht while they get paid for it. since when did the script get flipped. we should be the ones getting paid to put up with all these buggy fkin games. they need to start calling all these buy in to test it out games BTP and not call them FTP. becuase not only is it confusing but frustrating to see the game you ben following for the past yr is still not even in cbt obt or launch and is still a buy in to test game….. imho fk off