Today, Sandbox Interactive shared a new video hightligting the Laborer System in their upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Albion Online.

The Laborer system is a system that allows players to get more out of their housing by having a staff of laborers that can be trained to do various tasks. While similar to systems in other MMOs, Albion’s laborer system is unique in that it not only requires players to teach their employees by doing, but also to keep them happy by supplying them with a comfortable living environment. And, as it turns out, the more skilled your laborers become, the more things they will require to keep them happy — just like real people…or Sims.

More information about Albion Online’s Laborer system is can be found on the developer blog.

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  1. This is a good idea.
    The game is a great idea and plays really well, the problem is the players tend to become possessive & after a short while it becomes a little more harder for the new slower developing player to actually get any further due to that over powering positioning. That’s the only flaw in the game forcing speed which does kind of kill it.

  2. Yo that’s an awesome concept, I am really looking forwards to playing this game. The only problems is that I feel that guilds who have the best spots to farm in-game will probably exploit this tool. Hopefully it wont turn into a Pay- to -win in order to balance such a possible problem


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