allods is preparing for another update to its free-to-play game Allods Online. Titled “New Order,” Update 7.0 is set to add 4 new Astral allods and 6 single player adventures (or “Distortions”) to the game. These additions are intended to be a new source of equipment for players, outside of raids.

The Distortions are trials players will have to take on by themselves. Mercenaries aren’t even allowed. But in exchange for taking on the task, they will be rewarded with rare and epic equipment, as well as the transformation dust needed to upgrade lesser equipment.

However, if you aren’t the type to go it alone, you can earn the same rewards in the Astral allods. You’ll just have to spend more time in the Astral allods than you would the distortions in order to earn the same gear.

Full details on these new gear obtaining options can be found on the Allods site.

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  1. Thank you for covering this game, I know that it has a bad image, but it gets a bit better and less p2w with every expansion. It still has issues, but there is a subscription server were everything is free and it costs very little, like under 10$ per months, for the people who hate the p2w aspect of the free server. Hopefully when the Steam server launches, the devs will make some price adjustments for the f2p server.

  2. patronage and runes kill this games pvp and make it really pay to win sadly. I remember loving this game before they added that stuff. Had alot of potential.

    • Exactly my feelings, the community was also the best i ever seen in a online game, they should have focused on monetizing the game through vanity instead of those runes/patronage/battle mounts p2w bullshit.


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