So, right up front, this game isn’t exactly free-to-play. You see, you need to own Minecraft in order to play it. That being said, considering Minecraft’s age and popularity, there’s a pretty good chance you do own the game — even if it’s sat unused for a while.

If you do have Minecraft sitting around on your computer and are interested in doing a little MMOing in the game, then you might want to check out Wynncraft. Billed as “The Minecraft MMORPG”, Wynncraft is a free-to-play game built in Minecraft on a player-owned server. The server is open to anyone and once in, players will find all the the comforts of a typical MMO — quests, guilds, dungeons, and more. They also have a fairly impressive map, which can be viewed here.

Wynncraft has been around for about four years now, so you won’t be jumping into a game with nothing to do. In fact, they just recently released a new update titled Corkus.

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  1. So it’s not free, it’s not a game and it’s not even massive. It’s a MOMS (Multiplayer Online Moded Server) for Minecraft!

    • As the title says “IF YOU ALREADY HAVE MINECRAFT” then check out the free MMO. If you dont have minecraft then its not free. You pay for minecraft not to join the server, so that is why its considered a free mmorpg.

      Its kinda the same as saying, “oh look at this Free MMO on mobile devices, but how is it free when I have to purchase a phone.”
      So its free if you have a phone, but its not free if you don’t, make sense?

        • obviously he replied to you lmao. He might be right and you might actually need some school because it clearly shows that the comment was a reply to your comment.

          • I already finished my schooling.
            The only reason I asked is because I’m not sure how the system staggers replies.
            From looking at it BELA clicked reply on TheGuy’s post, as it has been indented singularly and the arrow when followed points to his message.
            When I replied to BELA’s comment it was indented under her message, much like it did when you clicked reply on my message.
            Just so you know, because it appeared under my comment box doesn’t necessarily mean it was a reply to me.

            Next time when someone asks a question I’ll be sure just to ignore it instead of trying to explain it. It’d be ten times better than having someone insult you because you tried to clarify something.


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