Anno Online, the free-to-play, browser based, strategy game from Ubisoft and Blue Byte, just added the largest update in the history of the game. The update not only adds a brand new PvE battle system, but also updates the title with a whole new 3D graphics engine.

If you were tired of building cities and yearned for some ship-on-ship action, then this is the update for you. Following a Rock-Paper-Scissors type formula (one ship type is weak against another but strong against a third), players can raise an Armada to take on Pirates using stealthy maneuvering or full on cannon combat. Players who complete the quests can even earn a new island slot and other rare rewards.

The graphical update improves water features, ship models, and also adds levels of destruction to each model.

While no additional information was given, an upcoming PvP feature was also teased in today’s video.

Check out all the specific updates on the official forums.

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  1. I played Castle Empires (also known as Settlers Online) waiting for pvp for over a year. It never happened.

    I played Anno Online thinking it was an improved Settlers Online. It is not, it’s just a copy paste formula.

    I have no desire to go back to playing and this update and “future” pvp does not interest me in the slightest.

    Browser games are kinda going out of style anyway.


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