The APB Reloaded team have an all new set of pretty images to share with their players. The team has been working on an engine overhaul for the free-to-play game for some time, and while they have updated everyone on the improvements the social district, they’ve got more to show.

Along with the comparison images — seen below — the developers also provided a list of what the art department has done thus far:

  • Balanced color grading and saturation levels.
  • Balanced fog and depth of field.
  • Altered directional light color, light bounce, brightness and skylight shadow depth.
  • Added dynamic shadowing to certain assets (such as the palm trees on the strip).
  • Rebalanced sky
  • Various material updates

The difference is pretty easy to see, as you can tell from the images below.









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  1. Bishonen on November 18, 2015

    I love how everyone is once again Crying about P2W, go ahead the game has no pay 2 win, the only thing wrong is you people thinking that it is. “Premium guns are Stronger” No they are not, almost all are Reskins of available weapons. The only Pay2win weapon has been nerved to death.

  2. GamingMaster on November 17, 2015

    It is probably cheaper to buy GTA 5 and play GTA 5 online than to spend money on this crap.

  3. Razer on November 16, 2015

    It only takes a few rounds of playing to understand why the P2P version of APB flopped in record time, and it has nothing to do with the graphics engine.

  4. Risea on November 15, 2015

    P2W dead game.

  5. Miszter Soul on November 14, 2015

    They make the game run faster, not just make the design better.
    They change the whole engine under the game, because the current engine is a bit bad, and old tech.

  6. N on November 14, 2015

    i have no idea how this game is still alive, should have died 5 years ago.

  7. Ohilost on November 14, 2015

    Is this a joke? In almost all pitures “before” looks better then “after”. Typical developer brain dead behavior. Instead of actually improving the game they spent time making it look worse.

    • Bane on November 14, 2015

      you realize the pics on top are the engine upgrade right??? which look better…. unless ur retarded just saying.

      • Cyril on November 14, 2015

        There’s no doubt about the second part.

    • asdfmovie on November 16, 2015

      Do you even potato?

  8. Step back on November 14, 2015

    That’s a little good though game balance and weapon balances for f2p players and premium players are too unfair even for skilled players

    • NopnopanNOP on November 14, 2015

      Ya premium weapons are just so strong that they can 1 hit you with a sniper………while the free to play sniper takes 3-4 shots without them wearing armor.

      • PureGunpowder on November 14, 2015

        That specific example is incredibly wrong, the free to play snipers deal the max damage available to any sniper. The only thing the p2w snipers have an advantage over f2p is the one which you can sprint without being slowed by the weight, and this sniper’s gotten nerfed before.

  9. Shanex on November 14, 2015

    crazy to see anything about APB on another website 😛

  10. Shootinjoo on November 13, 2015

    Can’t wait for it to come to ps4. Sad that this game still gets hate.

    • 6r1mm01r3 on November 14, 2015

      p2w advantages? people can get over that. The main issue is the hackers.

      • NopnopanNOP on November 14, 2015

        whats even worse are the pay to win hackers who don’t get banned because they paid to win…….

        • elli on November 15, 2015

          I’ve seen some pretty prominent, and paying, players in the community get banned. So I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Annonymouse on November 18, 2015

      Gonna be shit on ps4 just like it’s shit on pc.

  11. Rufinus on November 13, 2015

    didn’t know n64 were still making games