One of the most evil villains of the Marvel Universe returns to Marvel Heroes Omega on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Thanks to a little work by Mister Sinister — commissioned by Clan Akkaba — Apocalypse is upon us once again. The latest console content update title “Apocalypse Awakens” begins with Mister Sinister cloning four extremely powerful X-men to serve as the Four Horsemen. Jean Grey (Death), Storm (Pestilence), Psylocke (War), and Magik (Famine). Players will face off against these four as well as En Sabah Nur’s forces in the resurrection chamber.

As part of the content, players will be able to unlock the Horsemen versions of each of these characters via the Apocalypse Loot Box or the Age of Apocalypse Event Omega Pack. These will be Omega Prestige characters and feature a higher combat potential. In addition, new Omgea items can be earned by playing the Omega difficulty setting — after passing the Omega Trial.

The Apocalypse Awakens content is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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