As the Apple vs Epic war rages on, it appears Apple has made the latest move. That move was to terminate Epic Games’ account on the App Store. This is a step further than removing Fortnite from the store, but isn’t quite as far as it seemed they’d been planning to go.

Prior to this there was talk about how Apple’s actions would impact app creators who make use of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to build their creations. According to Apple, the move won’t affect the engine at all, and anyone who had previously downloaded any of Epic’s titles through the store will still be able to play them — without making in-app purchase or receiving future updates, of course.

However, the continued existence of the Unreal Engine and related apps on the store may not be permanent, as the reason it’s still there now is that a federal court ruled that while Apple could do away with Epic’s games, it couldn’t do anything to hurt the Unreal Engine so long as the lawsuit is ongoing.

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  1. Apple is only hurting themselves. They are being greedy and Epic was trying to quash that. Epic is generous with both customers and game developers, Apple is not. They just want to milk everyone for as much as they can. I for one will not buy from Apple again. Buh bye Apple.

      • Agree to disagree! Epic is generous with consumers and gives free games weekly. With Devs, they have the best deal out there for anyone that creates games in the Unreal Engine, plus they offer free assets monthly in their store. As someone who takes advantage of both sides I have to land on the side of Epic on this one.


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