The most recent AdventureQuest 3D patch comes with a bonus for players. In addition to a variety of bug fixes and stability improvements, Artix is also giving players 100 free dungeon keys as compensation for issues experienced with the Haunted Manor dungeons.

Since these keys are to make up for the ones lost due to the issues mentioned above, it’s important to note that only those who were playing the game before the patch will be able to receive them.

In addition to the above fixes related to the event, the developers are also working to fix connection issues that players have been experiencing, including adding new status messages to the game to help players figure out exactly what’s going on.

For full details on update 1.0.1, check out the official patch notes on the AQ3D site.

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  1. If the playerbase on this game is like the one from AQWorlds them the people will be complaining to the devs on why they don’t got it and crying and blaming the devs for not giving it to the people after the patch. But to be fair this game is ok but I am strongly against this key system they are doing it’s probably for them to make money but it’s one of the reasons why I won’t play this game.

    • I don’t see why not. $1USD to refill your keys is nothing. Also, most of the other MMORPGs out there severely limit your dungeon runs (one off the top off my head limits you to 3 runs per day.)

      Also, you only need to run dungeons every so often while leveling, you can usually get the mats you need to craft the gear after a run or two through the same dungeon.

      – Phaedra, Level 15 F2P Player

    • A 1$ is something to me I’ve spent a crapload of money on their previous games and had horrible experiences and I feel like they are just trying to drain money from people now. I mean I like the universal MMO platform idea but till their indie studio improves and actually does legit business decisions like shut down herosmash which is one of their failed projects which doesn’t bring them money most months nowadays I don’t think I can support them anymore.


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