Recently, the ArcheAge team answered a variety of questions on their Twitch channel. Among the answers given were what to expect in the August update, news on the Globabl PvP tournament, and an apology for the problematic start of the Zodiac Festival. Apparently, the issue was the result of mistiming the launch of the event in association with server maintenance. In order to make up for this, the team is releasing extra Festival Coins.

In addressing a question about the August update, the team revealed that this one — due on August 17 — will release split event timers across North America and Europe. More details on this will be available some time this week.

For those wondering about the Global PvP tournament, signups will start August 22nd. The tournament will center on 10v10 combat. To make things fair for everyone, developers state that the tournament has been divided into events for NA and EU players. More details on this — plus other things — are available on the official blog post.

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